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25 Jun 2016: Konstantinos Louizos


By Tony Pothitos

Monthly Meeting ACA at Konstantinos Louizos

Going to Costas home is like going to the theatre, to the best tavern, the highest quality hotel and the best party all in one.

Costas is an ACA member for as long as I can remember, he is a personal friend and if I am not mistaken probably a friend to thousands within our community.

The night started with the usual drinks and refreshments followed by the natural spring water which comes from his wonderful home.

His three sound systems, not to mention his two home theaters adore his premises and anyone who wishes to be taken to another planet for a few hours.

Unequivocal to any ACA member’s meeting, here we have even more people than the amount of members exist in our very limited group of audiophiliacs (Audiophiles).


There were wives, husbands, maybe some siblings, and lovers who were brought to the event as we all know it is the best party ever we will be going to within or even outside of ACA.

It is hard to conceive or even try to designate the smiles and emotions behind our fellow ACA members on an evening like tonight.

Now on with the music...

The amount of live music, other than the 5 systems mentioned above, which our host was the drummer in, seriously outplayed himself and dare I say a few bands that are seemingly called professional musicians!

This time we had female voice, a percussion which was properly setup, a double bass which kicked some swing into every toe in my body and bass and an electric guitar which brought be back in times to concerts, and inebriated moments, where bliss was the only word I could make my orifices form to say a word.

It is at these few moments in life where being an ACA member and believing and honestly being part of music that it all comes back to you in spades.

Music unlike anything in the world, including being a parent (sometimes) gives you much more than what you have given it.

It is not an egoistic form of entertainment, it is giving, it is natural, and it is probably the only thing left on earth which is healthy and fun. (unlike everything else I can think of that isn’t fattening or cannot give you a disease, or for that matter, talks back to you!)

Costa’s family reunion every other year (ACA being the family) reminds me duly of that.


Had I taken a picture of every single member tonight, I believe I would have taken the picture portrait painting to be created.

Had I been able to read minds for the evening, I would have over 500 songs and millions of notes stemming from the minds and personalities of our members.

It was simply mesmerizing, not just for the music but for the unity of music and man, man and music which we have painfully succumb to properly reproduce, most of the time in vain, but we still perspire to do our best in finally achieving this ultimate summit or dare I say final milestone in our lives, outside of our family of course.

What more would you like to hear about Costas ACA rebirth party? Well how about the fact that I did not even mention on song during my entire wording of the evening!!

The Sound Systems…

Actually the house has three sound systems and two home theaters that you can see in his personal page

Konstantinos Louizos' Member Page

The Ending...

So to Costas, I tilt my hat, I congratulate and harness more humbleness to his persona than to myself.

Thank you my friend.

You are the definition of music and the spirit of what ACA honestly means.


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