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13 Dec 2014: Yannis Vlachos


By Manos Bitsakakis

Monthly Meeting ACA at Yannis Vlachos

On December 13, 2014, as part of the regular monthly meetings of the members of our club, a very nice and special meeting took place at the hospitable home of Yiannis Vlachos ...

Several members and friends attended, in order to hear the entirely handmade Yannis’ system and especially his new hyper construction, the super-amplifier, who gave great sound as expected, although it has not yet reached its final form...

The System...

Here, in this system everything is handmade... speakers , turntable (!!), tone-arm, phono stage, cables and of course the super-amplifier, soon as we were promised by the creator will enjoy in its final form and in naturally stereo.

The really impressive super-amplifier accommodates absolutely full tubes technology and documentation, all stages been done with tubes made and interconnected together by coupling transformers.

In the final stage there is a type 520 Emission Lab tube with few nominal watts, but with musicality and presence...

Although there was one and only mono amplifier to drive the two speakers, the result was stereo(with Yannis constructions even that can be happen!

The Music...

We enjoyed for hours and hours of great music of rare vinyl records, everything was relaxed and beautiful, the atmosphere wonderful and electrifying charged by the Christmas lights and the ionization of the magnificent view of the rectifying tubes, which radiated blue atomization of mercury ions.

We all admired Yannis’ efforts, who is one of the oldest and most respected members in the club and who marches strictly and systematically the way of DIY, continuously improving the individual devices of his excellent system.

Thank you...

Yannis is and remains one of the great human values of the club and we all thank him and also his wife for the lovely, welcoming and full of festive lights glorious evening.


  • Vlachos Meeting 13-12-2014 Video 01
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