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22 Nov 2014: Theofrastos Economides


By Manos Bitsakakis

Monthly Meeting ACA at Theofrastos Economides

A Winter Evening At Monster's Hydra Place

It was a cold November night, when in-spite of the melancholy of the weather and the blue winter mood, I rode my car north with a fine inner feeling to a house that would happen to be the very first time to visit and also the first time to audition the excellent sound system built up flawlessly in that house..

That meeting was made in the same good mood, like almost all club meetings for all and from all the attendees, members and friends of the club.. things would not to be happened in a different way in such a place with such a system and such a hospitality like the one Theofrastos offered to us..

Oh My God... What a Beauty

This is a phrase from an old space fiction movie and was told from the space travelers when they faced a huge black hole full of newly born suns.. The view of the system was spectacularly and pleasantly shocking, all the Accuphase devices were sitting up on fantastic teal colored bases.. The two power amps on same color and philosophy separate bases and on both sides the two Italian Sonus Faber beauties in contrast with the others with their deep wooden color shining like Amati Cellos.. all that things to build a cool combination of looking and beauty.. This is one of the most beautiful systems I have ever seen and someone have ever dreamed of..

Theofrastos is a lover of Accuphase and also of the analogue sound.. He has build up his sonic experiences demanding, smooth and sensually with advanced sound machines and much occupation. In Combination with the Accuphases there is an elegant pair of Sonus Faber, having the ones driving the other with unlimited quality that can only be described as worthwhile for any and every audiophile..

Good Looking - Advanced Sounding - an Absolute Combo

The marvelous sound system began to be filled with a great sound puzzles, carefully selected tunes from the rich host's musical library.. Vinyls and cd's took their place in the sources giving plentifully joy to us, but the big moments were those when the black records were put on the Monster's Hydra platter..

Hydra was a terrible female monster having 9 heads coming straight from Greek Mythology .. This particular Hydra was not terrible nor ugly, having "only" four(4) heads.. As you would have get in, I am talking about Theofrastos turntable, the TW Acoustic Raven AC equipped with three(3) motors and four(4) arms accompanied with their carts!!

View paradise with Sound Nirvana

Theofrastos is an austere person with strictly chosen selections targeting on his living, his system and the music.. We listened to fine music selections from all eras and styles.. Jazz, Rock, Blues, Electronic, Classical and so.. Then we were asked him for more and more, even the guest women were asking him for some tunes and orders.. All of us had no care to speak or eat or doing things.. Just grab our drink and enjoy, that was the great feeling of that evening..

The sound in the living room that the system was placed was both monitory strict but also musical and pleasant, riveting us to our positions to be able listen and joy carefully all the tunes.. Secretly speaking, I have noticed the same thought clearly pictured on every man's eyes and head in this place, in this system that evening.. Ah man!! How can be happen a miracle to transfer this system to my place..

In The End

The ACA club meeting in November 22 2014 at Theofrastos place was a fantastic evening with much music, friendly atmosphere and great hospitality.. We all just say many thanks to him..



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