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12 Aug 2014: Antonis Koniotakis


By Kyriakos Kougioumtzoglou

Summer Visit to Antonis Koniotakis

As you know usually we don't have an ACA meeting in August, but since a number of ACA members spend their summer vacation in Creete is a good opportunity to meet with our High end friends in Creete and to visit Antonis home in order to listen to his super system.

The night before the visit to Antonis home, we all met to a very beautiful beach, in southern side of Rethimnon, and we had a tasteful dinner.

Here you can see the pictures from the pre-meeting that took place in a nice tavern at the Schinaria beach...


The visit to Antonis home...

Next day, four of us we left early in the morning from Rethymnon and after about one hour drive we arrived to Heraklion and to Antonis home.

Since it is just a visit and not a meeting I’m just going to give you an overall description of Antonis listening room, that is very impressive and the sort description of the system's sound.

First of all as soon as you get in the listening room you realize that you are in an analog gear heaven… you will see about ten turntables (in boxes some of them) that are in use or waiting to be used in the future since the available space is limited to just five of them.

Also about twenty tonearms and among them the best of every technology and if you ask for phono cartridges must be around thirty to forty of them both MM and MC’s.

We have listen a variety of vinyl records and CD’s from all kind of music and I can tell you that the sound is on jaws dropping level. I could not believe that a CD system can be in so high quality of sound… the analog front end was in as high or even better level.

To my opinion Antonis's system must be one of the best in ACA or the best…

For the end Antonis prepared for us a very tasteful lunch and good wine to go with it…

The best visit I had for a long time…


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