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24 May 2014: Tasos Hartzis


By Kyriakos Kougioumtzoglou

Monthly Meeting ACA at Tasos Hartzis

System Philosophy...

Tasos Hartzis is the designer and manufacturer of the well known Analysis ribbon speakers. He is also a passionate audiophile. The meeting was held at his house.


Chartzis-May-2014-system-03a The system composed with one top of the line Analysis Audio Omega' speakers, a pair of Arion Audio MK 1000 monoblocks and a Sanyo Plus P-55 power amplifiers, an Analysis ALPHA Tube A-100 preamplifier with and a Denon DCD-1200 CD player. The power amplifiers were under evaluation, since Mr. Hartzis is looking for the best match to drive his speakers and listen to music according to his expectations.

The listening...

Chartzis-May-2014-system-06We listened mostly to jazz music. In fact the review team had brought a lot of CD's for evaluation and listening purposes. We have listened to the 'Omega' speaker a few times before and we liked the sound very much. These are very open, airy, transparent and dynamic speakers, able to capture the essence of music in many respects. With the right equipment we believe that it can be a jaw dropping experience listening to them.

The Sanyo P55 setup was not the best match for the 'Analysis' speakers. He feels that the amp is not powerfull enough for this kind of speaker and that it doesn't have the elegance or finesse in order to reveal the Omega's virtues.

The Tchaikovsky '1812 Festival Overture', which I brought for listening evaluation, was performed extremely well, as far as soundstage, apart from some minor confusion towards the end of the piece, which is extremely demanding anyway...

On the other hand, it was felt by our team, that the preamplifier and the CD player were probably not run in yet. Their sound seemed to be somewhat mechanical with evidence of electronic grain. Since the CD player and preamplifier were set one on top of the other with no vibration control we also felt that they couldn't perform at their best.

Chartzis-May-2014-system-05 Even with this compromised set up, the overall sound was good. The listener had a good chance to appreciate plenty of the speaker's virtues. The sounstage was big in width and height and only in absolute terms somewhat lacking in depth and definition. Transparency was good and the atmosphere of each recording was well portrayed. These are neutral speakers with very good tonality.

Music Program Highlights: (only digital material)

  • Tchaikovsky 1812 Festival Overture, Op49 (original scoring, Minneapolis SO/A. Dorati, Mercury Liv. Presence 434 360-2, CD)
  • Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.3 (PNO/Martha Argerich, RSO Berlin/R. Chailly, Philips 446 673-2, CD)

System Description

  • Speakers:Analysis 'Omega' full ribbon speakers, driven by Arion Audio MK 1000 or Sanyo Plus P-55 amplifiers and Analysis, ALPHA Tube A-100 preamplifier.
  • Digital source: Denon DCD-1200, CD player.
  • Wiring: Analysis custom for interconnects and speaker cables.
  • Power cables/Electr. install.: Not special.

The hospitality...

I believe by saying a simple ‘thanks’ to Tasos is so little thing to express that night’s feelings.. So many good friends, so nice atmosphere, so good hospitality, so good music...

We wish to thank Tasos for this very successful meeting and we wish him luck in his search for the perfect components for his system.


Tasos Hartzis' Member Page

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