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13 Aug 2013: Antonis Koniotakis


By George Heropoulos

Monthly Meeting ACA at Antonis Koniotakis

After the epic invasion of Salonica, the audiophile community of Greece decided, it is time to expand ACA to other major cities towards the opposite direction this time around, in the South.

Koniotakis-system-rackFor this reason three brave Caballeros, following orders in a secret mission rode their horses armed with raki and other fatal nuclear ACA weapons, to attack early in the morning (11:30 a.m), the castle of the famous Iraklion city.

To our surprise the city defense was undertaken by only one rider, the one and only Antonis, who was fortified in his own hill in his own audiophile castle, as a modern Don Quixote.

Upon arriving we were astonished, because the doors were unlocked....

Even more Antonis with other friends welcomed us with music, coffee and cakes. We immediately surrendered...

SME-30-12-SME-V-KoetsuAfter a few minutes we found ourselves imprisoned in a strange room isolated from the rest of the world. This was a non-typical audiophile "place", because beside an unlimited number of audio equipments, vinyl, CD and book libraries and his excellent isolators and absorbers, in the peripheral there were bikes, motorcycles, gym instruments, other unexpected apparatus and some strange constructions.

The odd thing was that, as it all served one singly purpose.

The goal was to transform a typical audio room to an eccentric yet extremely well tuned and pleasant audiophile room.

Kronos-Graham-EMTIt was to late when we realized that although we were free, we could not walk away. So Antonis begun firing against us, music notes through his famous canon Rockport speakers, fueled by two hot Griffon monoblock monsters, that over time became extremely hot and began bursting flames of universal melodies.

Three different analog sources (Kronos, SME, Horning) and one digital, were used to persuade us.

We could not resist anymore and we were asked to CONFESS.
But Antonis didn't stop. He continued vinyl after vinyl, CD after CD, note after note to please us.

Excellent music, opera, jazz, classic, blues, cretan, were
complimenting each other in an unexpected fantastic dance.
Very few times in my life I have felt like this during an audiophile session...

Nothing can be said about the extraordinary EQUI-TECH electric
powering of the whole system.

I must admit that we totally gave in and signed all the papers, when he ordered us to follow him outside. There he asked us to sit down, he disappeared for a few moments and when he came back he served us the last meal of the day.

Although he never forced us, we ate and finished all the raki without hesitation. I must say that, No violence was used against us.

It is more than sure that Antonis is a UNIQUE PERSON in the audiophile community and that ACA is proud and honored to have him as a member.

The Tunes...

  • Maria Kallas: Operatic Arias/La Mamma Morta (KRONOS)
  • Hatzidakis: America-America/Asteri tou Voria (CD)
  • Markopoulos: Hroniko/First part (SME)
  • Savopoulos: Vromiko psomi/Zeimpekiko (KRONOS)
  • Jimmi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland/All along the watchtower (SME)
  • Peloma Bokiu: Garifale (KRONOS)
  • Nick Cave: let Love In/Red Right Hand (HORNING-THALES)
  • Tim Buckley: Greetings from LA/Honk Kong bar (KRONOS)
  • Holy Cole: Night/Good time Charlie' s got the blues(SME)
  • Friend'n fellow: Inakustik Great Voices 2/Clock's (KRONOS)
  • Tracey Chapman: She 's got her ticket. SME
  • Johnny Cash III: One (KRONOS)

Cofee Brake

  • Lou Reed: New York/Last American Whale (SME)
  • Bud Johnson : The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions/Blues for sale (KRONOS)
  • Jazz at the pawnshop: High Life (SME)
  • Mesekela: Hope/Grazing in the grass (KRONOS)
  • Suite Espanola: Asturias (KRONOS)
  • Stokowski Rapsodies: Listz/Hungarian Rhapsody (SME)
  • Exotic Dances from the Opera: Saint-Saens/Bacchanale from SAMSON AND DELILAH (KRONOS)
  • Psarantonis: Ta merakia tou Psarantoni (KRONOS)

The System...

1. Kronos/Graham Phantom II, 12"/EMT JSD 5Gold
2. SME 30/12/SME V-12/Koetsu Jade Platinum
3. Horning Anthracite Master Reference Sati with two arms:
A. Thales Simplicity/Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx
B. Kuzma 4point/Micro-Benz Ebenus LP
4. Acoustic Signature Analogue One/Kuzma Stogi Ref/Micro-Benz Bluepoint special

Audio Aero, Capitole MK II

1. EMT, JPA66 Varia Curve Tube Stereo Control Center, with three MC and one MM phono inputs
2. Lamm, LP2 phono Deluxe

Power Amplifiers
Gryphon, Mephisto Solo (monoblocks)

Rockport, Altair

SRA Scuttle 3 , SRA ohio class +2 platforms, DIY suspended platforms and Racks
Various isolators for cables and cords

AC Power by EQUITECH Wall cabinet system 5 KVA with 6 separate lines.
1 + 2: with high purity cryogenic copper cords goes to 2 separate ATL plugs for each Amp
3: With high purity cryogenic copper cord goes to ATL plugs only for the preamps
4: With Acoustic Revive powermax cord goes to Oyaide R1 plugs only for Digitals
5: With Acoustic Revive powermax cord goes to Oyaide R1 and Furutech plugs only for the PSUs of Turntables.
6: Auxiliary

Power cables
Amps: Musical Wire Belcanto with ATL terminals
EMT : DIY High purity Copper with Oyaide 004 terminals
Lamm phono: Nirvana SX
Capitole: Nirvana SX
Turntable 's PSU's: DIY High purity Copper with Oyaide 004 terminals

Interconnect cables
7,5m XLR for pre to amp: Musical Wire Belcanto
2m RCA for phono: EMT jubilee, Musical Wire Cadence, Nirvana SX
1,5m RCA for CDp: Nirvana SX

Speakers cable
Musical Wire Belcanto (2m)

Vinyl cleaners
Audiodesk Ultrasonic machine cleaner.


  • Koniotakis meeting 10-08-2013 video 01
  • Koniotakis meeting 10-08-2013 video 01
  • Koniotakis meeting 10-08-2013 video 01

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