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20 Apr 2013: Yannis Kotsidis


By Alex Dalkalitsis

Monthly Meeting ACA at Yannis Kotsidis, Thessaloniki

The trip...

I had recently visited Thessaloniki for one more time. A visit to Yannis’s place and listening to his system is always for me an extra reason to make a five hours trip to get to this beautiful city. So, with that mood, things begun to go well from the first day

The trip took place in a cozy train coupe along with the president of the ACA George. The quality of the trip along with the multitude of issues that needed to discuss with George, helped to make the journey as a pleasant morning for coffee and not like a traditional trip that only fatigue can bring.

In the train station cheerful and gentle Yannis was waiting for us as always for "general" support. There, our ways went separate and reunited in the afternoon of the same day, when total group joined the meeting.

The meeting...

Kotsidis-Apri-2013-pic05 This gathering, even if it was the official Club meeting for April, had another advantage, that of the presence of some other persons well known from other Audiophile Communities. That was a chance to discuss many things with people that we knew only from keyboard discussions in Hi-Fi forums.

I had heard the system again last month. But this time it was perfect because in addition to the standard turntable setup, a digital source was also present. So we heard various combinations of the system. From a completely analogue to a fully digital chain

The listening...

Kotsidis-Apri-2013-system01 Two views of the same coin were present on the table, two different schools, which could fill pages with comments. But I dare to say that the digital version was excited. It actually rubbed my eyes. I was seriously wondering if the result of the listening was coming from two speakers wearing an eight inches woofer each one! A rich sound that filled completely controlled and dominated in the space. A beautiful result that could convince any listener From the extreme audiophile that loves the tubes sound, till the lover of the bass drum and the dynamics, everyone will be satisfied at all points from the digital setup.

In did, what we heared, was an advanced system owned by a nice young person, whom I consider as an example of kindness and social behavior and I feel happy having him in our club company

Kotsidis-Apri-2013-doro As a final result came out by my co-listeners that the setup with the tubes and the turntable won. I do not know. Maybe my enthusiasm for digital is mistaken or even maybe the force of the habit is able to bore people into false conclusions. This however, is the point. That this system is able to convince both the romantics and the technocrats

The hidden ace...

Konstantina-Palla-pic-02 But the system wasn’ t the head actor who stole the show that evening. Yannis’s surprise was the young beautiful singer who made us the grace to sing for us, devoting a half-hour program with guitar accompaniment. A terrific voice that made us hope that this country has young people involved with music. Konstantina Palla sang with loud and clear voice.

Konstantina-Palla-pic-01Repertoire was both artistic and folk. After that, all technical media momentarily seemed so poor and simple. In few moments all the artificial means of reproduction seemed unable to overcome the feeling and the power of the real, sensational, sweet, erotic human voice. All interminable discussions, comparative sessions seemed quota for both the quality and the emotion of that performance

Dear Yannis...

We, all of us, thank you so much. We wish you be every time and every day full of gladness with your girl, your friends, your system, your music.

The Listening Highlight Session...

  • Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat (Vinyl & Digital Edition)
  • Stokowski Rhapsodies - Liszt, Ernesco, Smetana, Wagner(RCA Living Stereo)
  • Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (Tape)
  • Muddy Waters - Folk Singer(45 rpm Vinyl & Digital Edition)
  • Diana Krall - Temptation (Vinyl)
  • Chuck Mangione - Children Of Sanchez (Digital Edition)

The Sytstem...

  • Analog Source: Acoustic Solid Machine with Rega RB 250 + Koetsu Red Sign
  • Digital Source: Bluenote Stibbert (transport)
  • Digital Source II: MacBook Pro 17''(ssd, Amarra, Pure Music)
  • Digital Source III: PS3 (SACD)
  • D/A Converter: Metric Halo Lio-8
  • Preamplifiers: CounterPoint SA1000 (Preamplifier with phono), Hashimoto (step up)
  • Amplifiers Tube: AtmaSphere MA60 monoblocks (modified)
  • Amplifiers Class D: B&O ASP 550w monoblocks


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