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24 Apr 2010: Dimitris Baklavas


By George Toufexis

I had to visit Peania since 1965. I happened to watch a football match then between local amateur groups and things went as usual bad, with attacks, fights, lots of trouble, police, etc. Since then I swore never go again in this "nightmare" place.

I kept my promise until the scheduled monthly meeting of the ACA 24/4/10, which had undertaken to organize Dimitris Baklavas in Peania, in the area of YPSILON ELECTRONICS Company. A company acclaimed for several years in our country, and recently been known and well-established in abroad, even all across the Atlantic.

Baklavas-Apr-2010-pic-02It is no secret that I had been impressed from YPSILON machines, from the time when Company had been awarded from ACA, about three years ago in Glyfada. Those machines stand out from the crowd with their excellent workmanship and uncluttered - Doric appearance, in my aesthetic view. But when I heard them playing in ACA member’s systems, really pinned down by their sound and I felt proud too, because the excellent sound was coming out from the machines made by the hand of a Greek manufacturer.

Baklavas-Apr-2010-pic-03The meeting was held at the beautiful place of the company in Peania, which houses the listening and Testing Studio and also the Laboratory of electronics and other machinery, which we had the opportunity to know. The Listening Studio, where the system had been set, was treated with absorbent material (Room Treatment), to ensure a proper listening, thing that was immediately apparent.

The system...

Apart from the system of YPSILON that is been described in detail in the Meeting Program, as analog source was used a very heavy DIY turntable deck of a Greek owner. The entire ιimplementation was very interesting while the deck was a mass absorption type, in standard form, which gave promises of a serious prospect.

  • Ypsilon Morpheus (3-way demo speaker), driven by Ypsilon SET100-VS mono-blocks
  • Digital source: Ypsilon CDT100 / Ypsilon DAC100 digital combo
  • Cables: All custom made by Ypsilon

Baklavas-Apr-2010-pic-04The listening of the music program, which was rich and qualitative, was as can be said simply breathtaking. And the combination of TRANSPORT-DAC was the best that I could imagine hearing from a digital medium. The flow of the music was wonderful and went effortlessly from the source (analog or digital), amplifiers, speakers, reaching our ears with naturalness, erecting a magnificent three-dimensional picture, just as suited to a top HI-END system.

We say thanks to Dimitri for the wonderful musical moments gave to us, with a system, that at least we can say is what we call ‘True Greatness’.

We also thank him for his hospitality, care and superb tastes, really equivalent with the Music Program.

By Tony Pothitos

Few words from Tony Pothitos

Baklavas-Apr-2010-pic-01Few words are needed to be said about this system, so before you think I am crazy, please do yourselves a favor and go to Ypsilon and listen for yourselves before you think or say or imagine that I was on drugs when I heard the vocals, as I have never heard before, where the vocals where accompanied by a chest, and an entire body. Because after you hear how defining this amp is, it is hard to go home to listen to anything else without thinking back to the incredible three dimensionality that this amp and phono have.

As you can figure out on your own, both George Hatziminas and our President will have this amplifier in their systems at home, very soon.

I say that since I have not heard other incredible machines, as our own family ACA members have. We all know who I am talking about, and one day I expect to hear his creations also as soon as he can... but I do have to tell Mr. Vellisarios Georgiadis (TLA), if he has better or equal reproduction equipment than this, then I am a very lucky person to know the TWO BEST system makers in the WORLD.

But tonight was something else, we had a preview, of what will be out in a few years for the public. Of course a few people from ACA will have it soon in there home for fine tuning, but let me tell you, that won't be needed too much as the amplifier we were lucky to hear, and live, for a few hours was astonishing! Yes, The best I have ever HEARD... in my life.

I know that sounds like it's too much and it might sound that I am trying to sell for Ypsilon, but I am not, and if you know me personally, you would know, I would never put my neck out there on a limb and say Dimitri Baklavas, is the Einstein of music reproduction. And everyone that was with us, said the same.

That was why Nikolas Protonotarios was on his knees, because as the President George Heropoulos and George Hatziminas as well as I heard that night last week, we should have been either on the floor looking at the machines, or on our knees, praying to have these machines sooner than later in our lives.

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