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18 Jun 2009: Tasos Hartzis

Hartzis system

By Tony Pothitos

Taso is a man that will not impress you on first sight. He reflects and is in so much deep thought most of the time, that someone may think he is not having a good time, when in fact he is.

Tonight was one of those nights. His meeting made him smile like I have never seen him before. And there was a reason why.
He knew, not guessed, but knew that what we were going to hear tonight, included his tuner would sound absolutely stunning, and he was right.

The listening...

I was lucky to be the writer of the evening for the meeting, and as I write these words I find it tremendously difficult to find words to convey the melodious rhymes which swirled in my soul that evening. The diabolical mids through his speakers were so light and yet alive, it made me feel there was an extra bottle of oxygen in the room. Every turn of melancholy seemed romantic with every note played. Every bass roll and every voice was felt in my chest as if the voices came from within me, rather than otherwise.

Does that make any sense? I doubt it. But if you have not heard Tasos Hartzis speakers then I find it absolutely worthless to continue trying to write what cannot be written about.


I will not get into details, but I can only reveal that after this meeting, ACA would change forever. There were new standards set which make the Olympics seem like a walk in the park. I find it impossible that next year will be better. I can even bet on it.

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