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23 Feb 2013: Michael Kanakakis


By Manos Bitsakakis

"The Mythical Tidals"

Mike is of the youngest members in the club and he is also a mechanic engineer working on modern Telecommunications Network Systems... Though his system setup is based on the latest sound reproduction technologies, methods, musical stuff and machines...
That means nothing else but "decoding of high definition music files through Computer Program"

Kanakakis-Feb-2013-pic-01 There is no analogue source, no vinyl, no record cleaning machine, no cartridge balance, no brushes, no…no…no… There is just a simple chain of elements, a NAS or a hard disk with music files, a Mac laptop with a program, a DAC decoder, Preamp and Power Amps and a marvelous pair of speakers...

The Listening...

Mike is a lovely young person and a good friend, he also got an interesting system, so everyone was expecting a long time for this meeting to be happen...
Listening sessions arranged to take place in three parts due to listening room space restriction...
There was no pre-defined play list, everything was on request...

Kanakakis-Feb-2013-pic-10 People were gathered and 1st session was started… As system was continuously feeding by the digital requests, begun to reveal a considerable proportion of details and analysis, with adequate rate of musicality and scenic dimensions.

Tidals showed their strength in dynamics and also in control fields due to their feather-light ceramic elements… Sometimes, as listeners demand higher levels, the room begun to show its presence, that was a very common and known situation in almost every system put in a life-place.

As time was passing and Mike gave each one of the listeners the ability to select their favorite music, people starting to choose files not for evaluating the system, but just for music pleasure...

The Fun Time...

Kanakakis-Feb-2013-pic-11 After last session ended people gathered and the known discussions started, about music heard and not been heard, the hi-end generally, the systems, vinyl, digital files, cables, dacs, chips and everything else, all that good and bad things club friends can discuss… Discussions were accompanied with plenty of good wine and tasty food...

Mike declared clearly that the sound of the system was the one he was searching for and he is very happy for it… These are very honest phrases with deep and clear meaning that rarely can be said from an audiophile...

I cannot forget Mike’s great mother, Mike’s look when the meeting photographer left the camera upon the TIDAL, the fantastic hospitality and friendly atmosphere, the plenty of the snacks and finger food, the good wine and all other drinks, and finally the TIDALS...

Mike son and Mike mother... we all thank you so much for the evening!!!

The System...

  • Digital Source : Mac Pro / Amara
  • D/A Converter : Stylos Sys, Styx USB DAC
  • Preamplifiers : Sovereign Director
  • Amplifiers : Solid Sovereign Power
  • Speakers : Tidal Audio Piano Cera
  • Cables : Argento Audio Organic (interconnects and speakers)
  • Cables : Argento Flow (power)
  • Power Conditioner : DIY 3KW Toroidal Trans
  • Power Distributor : Furutech top of the line
  • Rack : Sirius E-607
  • Environment : 30m2 (6x5x2.7)


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