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30 Apr 2011: Tasos Syrigos


By Nikos Protonotarios

What does hi-end audio, hi-end fish aquariums and hi-end bars have in common?

It is Tasos Syrigos, a very dear ACA member and a very well known audiophile in Greece not least because he is also the owner of a specialist vinyl only shop catering to aficionados of those black 12 inch objects of desire.

However not many people know that his eclectic tastes and hobbies also involve very advanced and exotic fish aquariums as well as one of the most well stocked bars I have ever seen in a domestic setting.

The system...

Syrigos-Apr-2011-pic-1Talking about exotic if not endangered species one should not forget to mention amplification built around such rarities as RCA 211 tubes and many other NOS and hard to find smaller valves which adorn all the very well made custom/DIY components.

The turntable is also vintage and one which many claim to be a giant killer, the Technics SP10 MkII in original obsidian plinth and Technics EPA 501 titanium arm.

The speakers were a first for me at least , the Blumenhofer BF20 which I guess is normal seeing that they are hand -made in small numbers by artisanal methods in a remote location in Germany.

The unusual audition...

Syrigos-Apr-2011-pic-2Usually we start auditions at our meetings by playing a few standard tracks and then we proceed to the programme chosen and announced by the host. Well, at Tasos place you can expect the unconventional and true to form he started dropping the needle on some rock classics and as people started coming in and bobbing their heads to the beat there was no going back to formalities. This was going to be a party!

The volume started inching up and track after track of classic songs Tasos showed us that music is the ideal medium to merge past and present. Very hard then to put my audiophile hat on and not just listen to the music which just demonstrates the level of communication afforded by the fine system Tasos had put together.

Syrigos-Apr-2011-pic-3I think the musicality , flow and P.R.A.T. of his system is its strong suit. Obviously the excellent analog front end with all tube amplification helped achieve this enviable level of performance. The system can also go very loud without problems and in some instances we were close to concert levels. The speaker/room interaction seemed very good with well defined bass and ample soundstaging. The Blumenhofers do favour the midrange where they concentrate most of their energy and this part of the spectrum stands out a bit more compared to the bass and treble registers. From what I have gathered I think this is a trait that appeals to our host as well and expresses him.

Maria's talent...

Not to be outdone, Tasos’ wife Maria showed us her talent in hi-end culinary affairs presenting a mouth watering buffet and offering her warmest hospitality to the appreciative ACA members.

I think the foremost thought on everybody’s mind at the end of the evening was : “Let’s do it again!”


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