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14 Nov 2009: Vagelis Issichopoulos


By Kyriakos Kougioumtzoglou

Vangelis is a multitalented person and even that he is an architect by profession and usually designs summer homes, he also designs successfully audio racks (Audio design racks) and represents some Hi end audio manufacturers in this country.

But as a hobbyist he runs a well done audio system in his residence that is located in a very nice area of Athens.

I got a bit late since I got lost on the way there and when I arrived many members had already been there talking and drinking.

The system…

Isichopoulos-NOE-2009-01The system is situated at the one side of the living room and is surprising that is not on one of Vangelis’ audio racks but on a wooden wall unit among records, CD’s, books and other articles.
The system consisted of the beautifully build Lumen White 'white light' speakers driven by Theta digital ‘Citadel’ mono-block amplifiers and Ayon Audio 'Spheris' preamplifier. The analogue source V.Y.G.E.R. 'Timor' with a Phasetech P1 cartridge on a Rega 'RB 300' tonearm. The digital source was the wonderful Ayon Audio CD-5 CD player and the Cary 306 Professional SACD also used for some CD’s.

The audition…

Vangelis prepared a very nice music program for his meeting with a variety of formats and music styles.

Isichopoulos-NOE-2009-02The music program started with the two CD players playing Jazz. First the Ayon CD-5 played 3-4 CD’s s and then the Cary 306. To my opinion the Ayon’s bottom and upper end was slightly better than the Cary’s. Three-four other fellow members had the same opinion and they added that the soundstage of the Ayon was a bit wider.

When the analogue source was used the story got more interesting. The soundstage got more 3-D projected and the music event became clearer and much more real.

We listened for about an hour many vinyl records, switching from Jazz to Classic and from Pop to rock. To tell you the truth, since I didn’t have any experience with Vangelis’s system, I was not prepared for such a good result, but my experience was very positive after all.

Music Program Highlights

  • Prokofiev 'Romeo and Juliet - Excerpts' (Los Angeles PO/Leinsdorf, Sheffield Lab-8)
  • Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra 'BLUES A-PLENTY' (Verve VSCD-8358)
  • Milles Davis "Kind of Blue" (Columbia CS 8163)
  • Jazz at the Pownshop (Proprius, prop 7778-79)
  • Jean Michel Jarre 'Oxygene 7-13' (Dreyfus 486984-1)
  • Belafonte at Carnegie Hall (Classic compact LSOCD 6006 2CD's)

System Description

  • Speakers: Lumen White 'white light'
  • Ampification: Ayon Audio 'Thor' mono-blocks and Ayon Audio 'Spheris' preamplifier
  • Analogue source: V.Y.G.E.R. baltic M t/t and a Phasetech P-1 cartridge (amplified by Ayon Audio 'Spheris' phono module) on a SME 312 arm.
  • Digital source: Ayon CD-2 CD player and a Cary 306 Professional SACD.
  • Wiring: Ayon for interconnects and Nordost 'Valhalla' for speaker cables.
  • Power cables/Electr. install.: Ayon + WSS for all, plugged in Nexus power station Biwired (Special 3x4 cable).

Diner and...

At the end of the meeting, as usual, we had a well done and nicely served diner, provided by a catering service.

I would like to thank Vangelis for this excellent musical evening and... tasteful too!


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