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Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp and isolation feet test and review


Graphite musical DNA

Vinyl. Reproduction came to a stage where everything matters. Every little nuances can change the outcome of performance.

While digital hits its grown thirties analog have almost a century old heritage. Basically nothing really changed in principle. Refinement and few esoteric quests for perfection took place along the years.


In present times I believe analog vinyl playback can offer a stunning performance for the investment. Speed stability and bearings are second to none even in entry level products. You really have to reach deep in your pocket to achieve the same performance with digital.

With the raise and revival of turntables audiophiles started to reach out for the turntable accessories. There is no other component in audio chain that can benefit as much with tweaks as turntable. Nikos Kostadimas twenty some year in high-end industry led him to an interesting products for turntables and beyond...

Meet Chameleon racks graphite isolation feet and turntable clamp

Using pure graphite as building material might sounds really exotic. All the reservation is lost when used practically. Both Chameleon racks graphite isolation feet and turntable clamp might seems fragile, but with dense unique graphite they can hold an impressive weight load. Density correlate with structural effect and dealings with micro resonances. Those combined brought Nikos Kostadimas the results that ensured him to offer new products with the advantage of performance.


The eternal lightness of natural impact

One thing I noticed or better to put felt continuously in my listening with Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp and isolation feet was natural pace effect. Sometimes the result of audio 'affects' is hard to describe as it can deal with the feeling or the way we perceive the music. But when approached to reviewing a product with repeated listening methods then results even if subtle become evident. There were no hard core listening needed with Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp and isolation feet. Their ability revoke emotional impact of music. I could understand the Nikos Kostadimas enthusiasm about using his unique graphite material as a building block for his product.

Graphite isolation feet

The Isolation Feet are available in three heights. 30mm, 50mm and 70mm. Their external diameter is 70mm, while the internal is 40mm.

Their unique graphite material is machined with precision and laser engraved. A light polishing gives it its final texture, while a light coat of glossy die gives it its final finish while protecting it from wear.

Isolation feet application extend to speakers, preamplifiers, dac, amplifiers, turntables, cd/sacd players etc.


In my listening notes there were instantly recognisable positive changes when used under CD player and amplifiers. With their implementation under a preamplifier and DAC I took few ore late night listenings to hear the clear but recognisable pattern. As written I can often feel the result, but its harder to translate it to the words. My ethereal feelings won't do much for you readers and its my task to pin point those attributes and make them presentable in words in a way that relate to us all.


As with my further findings with testing record clamp, isolation feet acted remarkable at natural pace. There was clear 'PRAT' refinements, yet the unique graphite material deals with the micro vibrations and resonances in a recognisable way. This points out to consistency. A great thing to hold. Nikos Kostadimas seems to really invested time and efforts in to the core material and its affect on sound. Many times I elaborated that person or designer feelings and passion about music and its reproduction resolve into some sort of DNA. Some products carry this imprint some don't. Nikos Kostadimas passion clearly translate into both products under review. Thumbs up!

Graphite vinyl stabiliser

Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp made the most evident change among all the clamps I used so far. I really like the feel in hand, just right weight and instant impact. My mind was further captured by its its minimalist looks enriched by engraved logo on top. With some products you just click. With some not even on basic level. Chameleon clamp level on my frequency without any further philosophical imprint or placebo.


In combination with my 10 cm thick acrylic platter this was a symbiotic match. I was more then pleased with the sum of my listening remarks and the enjoyment of my analog rig was further enhanced by this affordable turntable accessory. I didn't even have to pull off my 'golden' test repertoire to noticed the difference. It was transparent across all the vinyl records. Pace, music flow and interaction. All things in a stand out combination.

Music to my ears

Without need of any esoteric language Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp and isolation feet brought that positive feeling of further musical captivating. End result of any audiophile tweak or accessory should be their ability to shift performance to a higher level. Few year back a large sceptical crowd of people would rethinking every audiophile accessory. In the 21st century most of them learned that some things works effective in the service of music. Nikos Kostadimas Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp and isolation feet are the musical additions elaborated!


Its clear that Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp and isolation feet are designed by someone highly passionate and knowledgeable about high-end audio. Nikos Kostadimas invested quite few years in pursue of finding the right material for clamp and feet. It shows that his love and know how about turntables led him creation of something unique that really adds up to performance.


If you're a turntable aficionado there is no way to miss trying Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp. For me it simply clicked instantly so effective that i was more then surprised.

Chameleon racks graphite isolation feet wide range of use opens up a tweak universe. I heard more then enough audible changes under the different components to openly speak about positive audible impact. Most importantly a musical impact!

Both Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp and isolation feet are easy to recommend. Hand made, effective in use and easy, no brainer use will open up prolonged enjoyment to many audiophiles and music lovers.


Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp won my heart and I don't have to second guess on awarding it with Mono & Stereo performance and value award.

Chameleon Racks

Article written by Matej Isak

Source Mono & Stereo high-end audio magazine

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