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Athens Hi End Show 2009

Athens Audio show 2009

The Show Must Go On!

Three wonderful, memorable day passed, leaving behind the lovely breeze most intense and powerful than ever. The third High End Audio Video Show, it's 2009, now belongs to history.

Like the previous two times, everything went in a beautiful atmosphere of celebration that included many events, hundreds of new devices, endless hours of music, wonderful moments of relaxation and daydreaming. Things, however, this time was not the same as something more had changed.

The "bet" has now been finally won. Nobody can deny the self-evident anymore! Those who did not believe in it, unfortunately ... lost. Yes. We have always believed in the Power of High Fidelity! We have always believed that this area is in front of life and future. Confirms this every time through the writings of High Fidelity and prove it through our faith that there is High Fidelity, here is alive and reigns! You simply need a tangible proof. A great testament that no one can dispute. Thus began three years ago, the idea to implement a report that would not be just another ..... report, but a cultural event! A great celebration of High Fidelity! A celebration of music!

This of course though beautiful as thinking, anything but easy it was in practice. Especially in these difficult times. And yet, the Third High End Audio Video Show 2009 was what most successful and spectacular might happen. More successful than ever. And of course not referring only to the circumstances of the event, which unsurprisingly had improved compared with the previous two years. Why of course the organization and coordination of a report of this magnitude is not something simple. When talking about four floors of a grand hotel, 13 rooms and 79 rooms, any further comment is, I think, unnecessary! The thing and the substance is not there. The highlight was the response from the public and the turnout of music lovers of all ages, which was numerically greater than ever. In spite of the gloom of these difficult times, it was the thousands of people who passed, entertained and informed by visiting places of High End Audio Video Show 2009, admiring what most new has to demonstrate the technology in the field of sound and image !

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