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Stereophile May 2022


2nd Edition

Munich 2022 Show Report!
Jason Victor Serinus and Julie Mullins report on all things audiophile. Finally, after three dark years of COVID-related cancellations and postponements, one of audiophilia's biggest and most important shows, Munich High End 2022, took place at the city's huge MOC.

Chario Aviator Amelia loudspeaker
Great hi-fi can give you goosebumps. And it relates to another source of horripilation: live music, and its recordings. I've also always been a live music junkie--ever since I was a kid.

Re-Tales #21: Much a-tube about nothing?
Unless you live under a rock, you've followed Russia's invasion of Ukraine. You know something about sanctions against Russia and Russia's responses to those sanctions.

PrimaLuna EVO400 integrated amplifier
National pride is the damnedest thing. When I was growing up in the Netherlands, schoolchildren were taught that the inventor of the printing press was a Dutchman named Laurens Janszoon Coster. Germany's Johannes Gutenberg was waved away as an also-ran, if he was mentioned at all.

Party like it's 1999
I wrote about the music industry's impressive recovery in the February 2022 AWSI. Robust LP sales were a headline item of that report, but they're a sideshow: Paid-subscription streaming is what is bringing the industry back.

May 2022 Classical Record Reviews
Eric Nathan: Missing Words, Carolyn Sampson: Trennung: Songs of Separation, Brahms: Piano Trios Nos.2 & 3, Brahms: String Sextets, Mahler: Symphony No.4 and Hans Abrahamsen: Schnee.

1st Edition

Kevin Gray: Vinyl-Mastering Master
When I need information about recordings, I go to Discogs. At Discogs, Kevin Gray has more than 2500 entries. That's as good an indicator as any of the amount of ground he has covered in his career so far as a creative participant in the recorded-music art known as mastering.

AudioPraise VanityPRO HDMI audio extractor
The increasing prominence of Blu-ray explains why a device to extract audio from an HDMI stream has become necessary. At first, Blu-ray players had HDMI outputs for video and audio, but to speed their adoption, they also sported analog audio outputs to help users who had older AV receivers (AVRs).

Re-Tales #20: You never forget your first gorilla
You never forget your first time. Ask any audiophile about that first moment hearing music through a good hi-fi system--how it rocked their world and changed their life.

Gramophone Dreams #60: Denafrips Terminator Plus, Denafrips Gaia, HoloAudio Spring 3
The week before Christmas, I invited my artist friend Joe to visit my studio to see my 2021 paintings. To spice the invitation, I told Joe that while he was looking he could audition the newest flagship DAC from Denafrips, the Terminator Plus.

It's a Wrap: AXPONA Reflections
Exciting. Engrossing. Exhausting. Enjoyable. Nothing but e-words from me. I could go on, but not without breaking out the thesaurus. --Rogier van Bakel, Stereophile's newest Contributing Editor

Burmester 151 MK2 MusicCenter streaming D/A preamplifier
Ah, domesticity. Just when I had the reference system sounding better than ever, the husband decided to relocate his electric keyboard and music stand, which had been positioned along the right wall of the detached music room, to the dining room in the main house.

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