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AnalogPlanet Apr 2022


2nd Edition

Has T-Bone Burnett Invented the Indestructible Lacquer?
In a press release today first reported by Variety of all places, record producer and analog advocate T-Bone Burnett announced that he's just completed a special recording session with Bob Dylan that will be released in a new analog format he calls "Ionic Originals". Burnett claims it is "The first breakthrough in analogue sound reproduction in more than 70 years".

Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) Announces New Denver Pressing Plant Opening Late 2022!
Vinyl Me, Please today announced in a press release its new Denver area pressing plant, which will open towards the end of 2022. Perhaps equally big news here is that the plant will be run by plating and pressing expert Gary Salstrom who has previously worked for QRP and RTI.

With Newly Announced Expansions, Tennessee Emerging as Center of American Vinyl Pressing
The State of Tennessee's recent press release makes clear that the state will soon emerge as the central hub of America's record pressing business.

Resonance's Bill Evans RSD "Double Play"
For an artist who passed away at a relatively young age (51) Bill Evans left a rich and varied recorded legacy--more music on disc than even the most dedicated Evans fan could possibly consume, yet more rare and often precious gems continue to be discovered and released, particularly by Resonance Records, whose Co-President Zev Feldman is a huge Evans fan.

Pro-Ject Debuts New X-8 Lower Cost Mass Loaded Turntable Borrowing Features From X9/X10
Pro-Jet just announced the new X-8 turntable that utilizes features found in the more costly Extension 9 and 10 models. The X-8 costs euro 1,999 (incl. VAT). With Ortofon Quintet Blue euro 2,299 (incl. VAT). In America the X-8 with Sumiko Rainier standard costs $2499. Read on!

Hagerman Audio Labs Debuts Archiver-JFET Variabl Equalization Phonostage
Hagerman Audio Labs just announced the new $1,189.00 Archiver JFET Equalization Phonostage, describing it this way: "The ARCHIVER is a very flexible phonostage designed to replicate any known equalization curve (36 in total), from 78rpm shellacs up to the modern era.

1st Edition

Miles Davis's Relaxin' is Craft's Next "Small Batch" Release!
Craft Records today announced Miles Davis's Relaxin' as the next "Small Batch" limited to 5000 copies release. The pre-sale launches Friday April 15th at 2:00 PST/5:00 EST on the "Small Batch" website.

A Lawyerly Look at The Beatles Break Up... And More
How to describe the notorious music industry figure Allen Klein, the one-time manager of both the Beatles and Rolling Stones? One lawyer working with Klein called him "the devil incarnate." Paul McCartney called him a "trained New York crook," and that acutely cool figure, Mick Jagger, once had to be restrained from attacking Klein at a business meeting.

Chasing the Dragon Tackles the Bach Cello Suites
Chasing The Dragon, a British audiophile label that has been around for about ten years now, has distinguished itself with digital and analog releases that can fairly be said to have pushed the state of the art in recorded sound.

Calling Cadence's Eponymous Debut Album Is Made "Like They Used to Make Albums"
The Southern California retro-band Calling Cadence signed to Hi-Res Records recently released an eponymously titled debut album recorded, mixed and mastered "the way they used to" make albums: recorded and mixed to analog tape and mastered by Kevin Gray from the analog master tape, and pressed at RTI on 180g vinyl.

A Gift to Pops-the wonderful world of louis armstrong all stars Looks Like an Oldies Compilation But Isn't!
When the CD of this release arrived months ago, I looked at it and figured it was an Armstrong compilation and so put it aside. Nothing on the "jewel" case gave any indication that it was anything but and there was no accompanying press blurb.

SME Debuts New "Flagship" Model 60 Turntable With New Model VA Polymer Tonearm
SME debuted a new "Flagship" turntable at an event held March 25th, 2022 at the company's Steyning, West Sussex U.K. headquarters and in the legendary listening room of the company's founder, the late Alastair Robertson-Aikman. When I asked CEO Stuart McNeilis if yet another factory tour was necessary, he said "you be the judge".

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