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AnalogPlanet Nov 2021


2nd Edition

Dual CS 518 Turntable Priced to Be Heard
The demand for new under $1000 turntables remains impressively robust. There are widespread shortages in some but not all markets around the United States with wait times for some models up to 6 weeks and for some even longer.

Sumiko Triple Play: Three New Cartridges--Blue Point No 3 Low and High Output and Celebration 40
Sumiko, celebrating its 40th year, recently introduced to its extensive lineup three new cartridges. Two are in the company's Oyster line: the Blue Point 3--low and high output versions priced at $499 clams, and a new Reference Line Celebration 40 priced at $2799.

Capital Audio Fest 2021 Day Two Coverage
Day two of the Capital Audio Fest began outside where I ran into Theremin manufacturer Arthur Harrison who'd been invited to give two talks on the spooky sounding instrument.

Capital Audio Fest 2021 Day One Coverage--With an Analog Slant
Capital Audio Fest 2021 was well-attended, yes but more importantly the enthusiasm level and excitement was off the charts.

Duke Pearson's Merry Ole Soul Swings You Into Christmas
If Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas is a melancholic look back at childhood Christmas viewed through the eyes of the Peanuts gang, Duke Pearson's 1969 Blue Note release Merry Ole Soul is the Christmas record you'll want to play at a hip holiday cocktail party.

Want a Lacquer of A Love Supreme Cut From the Original Master Tape?
Not kidding. Supersense and Universal Music Group, Austria are making available a limited number of lacquers cut directly from the original master tapes of a few albums including A Love Supreme and Getz/Gilberto. That's what they are saying, I don't blame you for being incredulous.

1st Edition

Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas Will Warm An Atheist's Heart
Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas album is a secular holiday delight sure to please every listener, even atheists and agnostics.

John Coltrane A Love Supreme Live In Seattle
In the worthy annotation to this historically remarkable release, educator and author of the biography "John Coltrane His Life and Music" Lewis Porter provides a play by play of this unlikely nightclub performance of Coltrane's worshipful masterpiece recorded October 2nd 1965.

Vinyl Reports: Gil Scott-Heron, PJ Harvey, Boards Of Canada, & Dexter Gordon
Vinyl Reports is an AnalogPlanet feature aiming to create a definitive guide to vinyl LPs. Here, we talk about sound quality, LP packaging, music, and the overarching vinyl experience.

Michael Chapman Fully Qualified Survivor (Harvest) and 50 (Paradise of Bachelors)-The Records You Didn't Know You Needed #8
Michael Chapman died on September 10. He was 80 years old. Pitchfork, NME, and The Guardian published obituaries all of which referred to him as a folk singer-songwriter, best known for the 1970 album Fully Qualified Survivor.

The Electric Recording Company Does The White Stripes' White Blood Cells!
No need to check your calendar it's not April 1st and this is for real: ERC just announced it would be releasing The White Stripes' White Blood Cells, the group's 2001 final release on the Sympathy For the Record Industry label cut from the original analog master tape and packaged in the usual meticulous ERC way.

Review Explosion: Coldplay, John Coltrane, Lana Del Rey, James Blake, & FINNEAS
Coldplay's ninth album Music Of The Spheres supposedly centers around a fictional universe called The Spheres, but if you didn't read that, you wouldn't know it.

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