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Stereophile Sept 2021


1st Edition

Analog Corner #313: Cyrus Audio Phono Signature, QHW Audio The Vinyl, Shaknspin, X-Quisite SUT X-20
I don't like being pigeonholed as a reviewer of exclusively expensive audio components--because I'm not, as anyone who regularly peruses Analog Planet knows.

TechDAS Air Force Zero turntable
The Air Force Zero turntable is very large for a turntable, but it is not as large as a house. At $450,000 for the base model, it does, however, cost as much as many houses and more than many others.

Canton Reference 7K loudspeaker
German manufacturer Canton Elektronik has a strong presence in Europe, but distribution of its loudspeakers in the US has been sporadic. Consequently, the most recent review in Stereophile of a Canton speaker, the Reference 3.2 DC, was in 2010.

Pro-Ject Phono Box RS2 phono preamplifier
Phono preamplifiers could be compared to children as viewed by a previous generation of adults: They are expected to be small in stature, and they should stay out of the way, seen but not heard and maybe not even seen.

Gramophone Dreams #52: Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition & Focal Clear Mg headphones
One summer afternoon in Brooklyn, after a sweaty too-long day doing construction, I stumbled upon a hi-fi shop I'd never noticed before. I thought, hmmm, I bet they have air conditioning.

Boulder 866 integrated amplifier
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "boulder"? I think of a rugged, mountainous landscape with jagged snow-capped peaks.

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