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Stereophile June 2020


2nd Edition

Classe Delta Mono monoblock power amplifier
Canadian audio manufacturer Classe Audio was founded in 1980 by engineer Dave Reich and entrepreneur/audiophile Mike Viglas. The name "Classe" was a pun on the fact that Reich was a firm believer in an amplifier's output stage operating in class-A, where the output devices never turn off.

Revinylization #7: Lee Morgan's The Cooker
Jazz collecting has an archaeological aspect to it; it's one of my favorite aspects of the hobby. Far more than most other genres, jazz evolved over its first several decades, and it did so on record.

Von Schweikert Ultra 55 loudspeaker
Achieving room-filling, high-quality sound in a hotel room is difficult enough. Getting it in a cavernous ballroom is even more problematic. Yet, over the past few years Von Schweikert Audio has managed that--and, other than the approximately 100 bodies occupying every seat in the house, they've done it without any room treatment, or without any that I could see.

Recording of July 2020: Earth
Calling himself EOB, songwriter/singer/guitarist Ed O'Brien has released his first solo album after 35 years with Radiohead. Over the decades, bandmates have branched out for high-profile projects--Jonny Greenwood writes film scores and Thom Yorke has several solo recordings--but O'Brien has stayed mostly in the background.

Art Dudley: A Primal Light
In April 14, 1895, Mahler's Symphony No.2, "Resurrection," premiered in Berlin. Mahler wrote a program for this symphony prior to a performance six years later, in Dresden. Here is what he wrote about the first movement, Allegro maestoso:

Art Dudley: The Art of Being
I met Art Dudley twice, and in both instances, he was exceedingly humble and gracious with his time. The first time, I thanked him for hosting the Virtues of Vintage panel at DC's Capital Audiofest, just moments after he was verbally accosted by an unwell man seated in front of me--something about audio-journalism lingo and abstract phrases like "midrange bloom."

1st Edition

From The 1963 Archives: Koss PRO-4, PRO-4A and Pro/4 AAA Plus headphones
Almost a dead-ringer for the early-model Sharpe HA-10, Koss's PRO-4 ($45) is readily distinguishable by a large knurled protuberance sticking out of the lower part of the right-hand phone.

Listening 210: Guns N' Neuroses, the Life of a Used-Gear Specialist
During the years I lived in New York City and environs, I never learned my way around Brooklyn--something I now regret, given that borough's emergence as a hotbed of audio creativity: our industry's Laurel Canyon, so to speak.

Michael League: That's One Snarky Puppy
"What happens in college stays in college" might be the best policy for most undergrad-formed bands, but Snarky Puppy is an exception to that rule (and a number of others).

Gramophone Dreams #37: JSikora Initial turntable & Grado Aeon3 phono cartridge
My most cherished intangibles--love, beauty, glimpses of higher realms--enter my awareness only after I prepare my psyche to receive them. Extended bathing, lighting candles, making tea, and preparing food are ritual work forms that prepare my senses to accept both pleasure and illumination.

Book Review: Designing Audio Power Amplifiers
I first met Bob Cordell at clinics he gave at the last audio show Stereophile organized, Home Entertainment 2007, in Manhattan. At those clinics, Bob shared his views on why amplifier measurements are not always good at predicting differences in sound quality.

From The Archives: Audio-Technica AT-ML 150/OCC phono cartridge
How can two meticulously built, high-technology, high-performance, premium-quality moving-magnet cartridges that measure so well (according to their manufacturer-supplied specs) sound so different?

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