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Stereophile Oct 2019


2nd Edition

Listening #203
As Plato mentioned in The Sophist and thousands of art historians have noted in the years since, Greek sculptors distorted the human figure by enlarging the head and shoulders. They did it on purpose. If they didn't, when viewed from below, it would look wrong.

Report From Toronto Audiofest 2019
Robert Schryer, Jim Austin and Bob Deutsch report live from one of North America's great audio events!

darTZeel NHB-468 monoblock power amplifier
What's the point of reviewing a pair of monoblock amplifiers that costs more than most people spend on two or even several cars-- and far more than most audiophiles spend on an entire music system? That's a good question.

Russian Romantic Piano Trio Bonanza
Romantics rejoice! In an age where ice seems to melt faster than hearts, there are still great musicians who uphold the Russian tradition of romantic music.

JBL Stage A170 loudspeaker
In the realm of loudspeaker reviews, John Atkinson's measurements and my empirical observations have one important equivalency: Both are meaningless abstractions until confirmed by your listening experience.

An Ending That's Also a Beginning
One of my biggest surprises since I became the editor of Stereophile--and so started focusing more on all things audiophile--is how often I find myself thinking about the ethics of this hobby. This is unusual for me: I dislike moralism and prefer aesthetics to ethics.

Music in the Round #100: Multichannel & Merging Anubis
This is the 100th and--surprise!--final edition of Music in the Round. MitR began in mid-2003, shortly after SACD and DVD-A discs made high-quality multichannel music convenient and widely available.

Must-Hear Music TV: Country Music and Now Hear This
Under the category of "abundance of musical riches," there are two fantastic series about music airing on PBS right now. You probably already know about one of them, but another, which many readers will like even better, is getting far less press.

Harmonic Convergence: the Effect of Component Tweaking
Power amplifiers fascinate me. In the past 15 years I've helped design and build over a dozen advanced models, with output powers ranging from 50 to 2500W, for a number of the UK's professional equipment manufacturers.

1st Edition

Sutherland Engineering Little Loco phono preamplifier
Descriptions of the sounds of products from Sutherland Engineering nearly always include "refined." While that word is certainly justified, it would be more apt to use it as a verb: Ron Sutherland spends more time than any audio designer I've known studying and fine-tuning and refining every detail of his work.

dCS Bartok D/A processor/headphone amplifier
The Vivaldi--the four-box flagship product from digital audio specialists dCS--is, in my opinion, misnamed. Vivaldi the composer was an asthmatic priest who worked in an orphanage for 30 years and died in poverty.

Listening #202: Altec 604 & Audio MusiKraft Denon DL-103
Godzilla and I are precisely the same age: We were both born in 1954, Godzilla as an expression of the postwar fears of a nation uniquely aware of the horrors of nuclear armaments, I as an expression of the postwar comfort felt by an American veteran fresh from foreign wars.

Accustic Arts Audio Mono II monoblock power amplifier
Accustic Arts of Lauffen, Germany, was founded in 1997 by Fritz Schunk, who sold the company to Hans-Joachim "Jochen" Voss in 2016. Voss's professional background had more to do with sweet spreads than sweet sounds--he spent 20 years doing sales and marketing, including with the Ferrero Group, which produces Nutella...

PSB Alpha P5 loudspeaker
It is said that while any competent engineer can design a superb loudspeaker if allowed an unlimited bill of materials, the true test is being able to produce a great-sounding, budget-priced speaker out of parts that cost a mere handful of dollars. With PSB's Alpha series of bookshelf speakers, Canadian engineer Paul Barton has illustrated this truism many times over the years.

Schiit Audio Aegir power amplifier
Class-D audio amplifiers: What's the argument for them? Class-A audio amplifiers: What's the argument against them? Class-AB amplifiers: Why does everybody make them? Each of these amplifier output architectures has strengths and weaknesses.

Recording of October 2019: Woodstock: Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Experience
Fifty years, man! By the time you read this, the dates will have passed during which promoters had hoped to stage a 50th anniversary Woodstock Festival--sadly, they failed in their effort--and Woodstock mania will have peaked and died--even pieces of the Woodstock stage are available to buy (I have two!).

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