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AnalogPlanet July 2019


2nd Edition

DISCOGS In Association With Audio-Technica Presents "Crate Diggers" Record Fair NYC Sat. July 27th
1000 tables filled with vinyl records highlights the New York City Crate Diggers event to be held in Times Square at the Playstation Theater 1515 Broadway, this Saturday, July 27th starting at 10:00 AM.

"Woodstock The Director's Cut" Coming For One Night to a Theater Near You!
Hard to believe 50 years have passed (well maybe not that hard to believe), but here we are (well, most of us anyway!). On Thursday, August 15th, theaters nationwide will bring back to movie theaters for the first time since it first opened, March, 1970.

Creedence Clearwater Revival Live at Woodstock 50 Years Later on 2 LPs
It looks like the 50th anniversary of Woodstock concert is off, but Craft Recordings celebrates anyway with the release on August 2nd,, finally of Live At Woodstock CCR's late Sunday evening performance at the original Woodstock, 1969.

AnalogPlanet Tours darTZeel Factory in Geneva, Switzerland
If you search Stereophile's website under darTZeel founder Herve Deletraz's name you'll find his multi-part "DIY" story posted in 2000. Since his "DIY" days, Mr. Deletraz has gone on to design and manufacture a series of sonically stunning and visually distinctive high performance darTZeel audio products.

The 9 Year old Marantz SR8001 7.1 A/V Receiver Gets Better Over Time
There is actually a bit of a story behind how I got this Marantz receiver and how I fixed it. I was a Servant Leader at my school helping load some dissection equipment onto a trailer for a week long field trip to a location approximately 346 miles away from the school, which is actually a house with a basement where of this all took place.

Vanatoo's Transparent Zero Speakers Offer Great Conven

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