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Stereophile Aug 2019

Stereophile Aug 2019

2nd Edition

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge streaming DAC/network server
A DAC/preamp/headphone amp from Class A of Stereophile's list of Recommended Components, updated with streaming and network-server capabilities--and it still sells for less than $3000? If you believe that, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. (Har, har!)

Never Stop: a Musical Interview with Jon Anderson
Vocalist Jon Anderson has been at the center of the fabled rock band Yes since its founding in 1968 and has collaborated with other notable artists including Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Jean-Luc Ponty, and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra.

A Visit to the DALI Factory
Seen from the air, Denmark is a vista of farms and wind turbines. But once your plane touches down, it is a land of loudspeakers. Perhaps this is because audio has a long history in Denmark--it was a Dane, Valdemar Poulsen, who developed a magnetic wire recorder in 1898--but there are more loudspeaker manufacturers per person than any other country.

DALI Callisto 6 C wireless loudspeaker
PS Audio's Paul McGowan has been sending out a daily newsletter by email since 2011. In his May 29, 2019 epistle he asked, "What would our world of high-end audio look like if there were only active wireless loudspeakers?

Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon DFA 2.1 desktop playback system
Ever go on a blind date? If you've been on more than one, you know what it's like to encounter an entirely new product at an audio show: Sometimes it's love at first listen, your only question being, "When can we get together again?" Other times, you can't wait to say goodbye.

TechDAS Air Force V turntable
Unless a truly budget-priced Air Force model is in the works, the TechDAS turntable lineup now seems complete: The recently introduced Air Force Zero ($450,000) is at the top, and the "affordable" Air Force V ($19,500) is at the bottom.

Listening #201: the Buddha Bearing
This is a story about a $1375 commercial turntable accessory and a free tweak--the latter discovered while installing the former, although the two things exist quite independently of one another.

Wynton Marsalis' Yummy Violin Concerto and More
I expect every lover of jazz and classical music will want to check out Decca's new recording of jazz great Wynton Marsalis' thoroughly engaging Violin Concerto and Fiddle Dance Suite. Both were written for the superb Nicola Benedetti, who joins with Cristian Macelaru and The Philadelphia Orchestra to give us a definitive interpretation, guided by Marsalis.

The Day the Music Died
If you're a music fan--and if you're reading this, you probably are--you've heard this already: On June 11, the New York Times Magazine published an investigative report about a 2008 fire that destroyed a vault at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

1st Edition

Woodstock 50th Anniversary "Peace of Stage" and 5 Vinyl LP Back To The Garden Sweepstakes
Register to win one of five actual pieces of the original 1969 Woodstock stage (Value $99.00 ea) or a Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Collection 5 Vinyl LP set (Value $124.98) we are giving away.

Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 loudspeaker
This almost happened 13 years ago. Thinking the time was right for a Klipschorn review--2006 was the 60th anniversary of its design--I got in touch with a Klipsch representative, who requested photos of my room and details of its size and construction style.

Recording of September 2019: Higher
As a singer and writer, Patricia Barber has never been easy to define. In the audiophile world, she's too often defined--and her brilliance obscured--by her ubiquity at audio shows and her regrettable membership in a sorority of generic, well-recorded "female vocalists." But in what idiom?

Telarc's Jack Renner Remembered
I was saddened to learn that Jack Renner, renowned recording engineer and cofounder with producer Robert Woods of Telarc Records, died on June 19, 2019, age 84, at his home in Rhode Island. Mr. Renner is survived by his wife, Barbara, three children, and six grandchildren.

From the JGH Archives: Subjective Loudspeaker Testing
One of the most firmly-established audio platitudes is the one which says "The specs don't tell the whole story." One reason for this, of course, is the fact that most manufacturers, preferring to sell their products on the basis of emotional appeals in ads rather than on hard, cold performance claims, do not attempt to make their specs tell the whole story.

From the JGH Archives: Futterman H-3A power amplifier
It is not at all unusual these days to find manufacturers producing "matched" speakers and amplifiers that are designed specifically for one another. But it is very unusual to find this being done by an amplifier manufacturer who doesn't make loudspeakers.

From the JGH Archives: Audio Dynamics ADC-1 phono cartridge
We tested two samples of the ADC-1 phono cartridge, both of which were taken from a dealer's stock. One was a demonstrator that had been in use for some months. The other was brand new, right off the shelf. Both were tested in an Empire 98 tonearm and in a Gray 108-C tonearm with its damping lightly adjusted, but results with both cartridges were for all intents and purposes identical in both arms.

Magnepan MG-20 loudspeaker
Magnepan founder Jim Winey could be considered the patriarch of planar loudspeakers. His innovative leadership of and commitment to the technology over the past 20 years have propelled Magnepan to a position of preeminence in the speaker business.

HiFiction Thales TTT-Slim II turntable & Simplicity II tonearm
Money, that unreliable buyer of happiness, has at times proven effective at delivering good sound. It can buy other things, as well: Audiophiles can swap cash for products that function as objets d'art, as status symbols, or even as canny investments.

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