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LKS USB-100 USB to Spdif & I2S Interface


A low cost / high quality interface to achieve the best from an I2S dac

LKS USB-100 is a high quality interface outputs HDMI I2S LVDS and I2S RJ45.. It offers excellent sound performance thanks to a high level of electronic design quality. The LKS USB-100 is ideal on a high-end HIFI installation for all DACs with I2S LVDS HDMI or classic I2S inputs on the RJ45.



  • Crystek CHD seriesTwo Crystek CHD Precision Clocks
  • Double I2S output on HDMI and RJ45 connector plus detail mapping
  • AMANERO USB Processor
  • Atmel & Xilinx FPGA processors with 3 TPS 4700 from TI
  • SPDIF coaxial output on galvanic isolation

LKS USB-100 implements 2 types of I2S output. It is thus addressed to the demanding amateur who wants an interface for almost all I2S connection scenarios.

Also includes the best original Crystek clocks on the market with flawless precision. These clocks of 22.5792Mhz (multiple of 44.1Khz) and 24.576 Mhz (multiple of 48kHz) work in concert with the Amanero Combo 384 interface with two processors (Xilinx CPLD and Atmel ARM) that lower the jitter to the limits of measurable.




This interface has three TPS4700 controllers with noise rejection below -82dB (100hz). Thus the sound of this interface combined with a stable power supply provides unbound, fluidity on the most complex signals, from DSD 512 and PCM of 16 bit 44.1Khz to 32 bit 384kHz. The device needs external 5V PSU

The HDMI LVDS output is therefore compatible with the following DACs with HDMI LVDS I2S input :
Gustard Audio, LKS AUDIO, Armature Audio, Holo Design, AUDIO GD.

The RJ45 I2S output is compatible with the following brands :
M2Tech, Northstar Design, Ayon Audio and the old AUDIO GD with RJ45 inputs.




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