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Munich 2019 Show Coverage Is Here!
Editor Michael Fremer wraps up his reports from the event.

SAT's Marc Gomez Introduces at The Audio Salon June 1st the New XD1 Record Player System
SAT presents the new XD1 Record Player System in the U.S. at an exclusive event on June 1st from 12pm-6pm at The Audio Salon in Santa Monica, CA. SAT's designer and founder, Marc Gomez, will go through the design and development of his latest CF1 and LM series of arms and explain the differences between them and the original SAT Pickup Arm.

Vertere Acoustics' Touraj Moghaddam at The Voice That Is June 1st
Saturday, June 1, 2019: Doug White, of The Voice That Is, in cooperation with the Philadelphia Area Audio Group and the New Jersey Audio Society, hosts a vinyl event featuring Vertere Acoustics and Touraj Moghaddam, Designer.

"Spirit & Time", Blue Note Review Number Two is Musical and Packaging Perfection
The first bi-annual Blue Note Review may have been a somewhat tentative and ill-focused project as label head Don Was worked to re-establish with a younger generation the Blue Note brand identity and "community", yet few who purchased were disappointed (the set sold-out) other than in the digitally mastered Blue Mitchell album and its grade B jacket.

Veteran Turntable Designer Touraj Moghaddam Introduces The Dynamic Groove Record Player
Yes, the megabuck turntables and other costly products get the most attention, but the introduction of the Vertere Dynamic Groove turntable, a circa $4000 "plug'n'play" design from Vertere struck me among the most significant debuts at High End Munich 2019.

Craft Recordings Succeeds with RSD Mono Albert King Reissue
The most well-known song on this album is probably the opening title track, written by Bell and Jones. "Born under a bad sign/Been down since I began to crawl/If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have had no luck at all," King sings over memorable guitar riffs and gently blasting horns.

Ortofon Announces New "Flagship" MC Anna Diamond Cartridge
In advance of Munich High End 2019 Ortofon announced a new "flagship" moving coil cartridge the Anna Diamond that features a diamond cantilever and a Replicant100 stylus. Based on the specs, what's "under the hood" appears to be similar to that of the limited edition, now sold out MC Century.

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