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2nd Edition

TechDAS Air Force Zero Debut at Audio Salon--First Impressions Stun Listeners
Let's just say I went into the TechDAS Air Force Zero's recent debut at The Audio Salon in Santa Monica with a great deal of skepticism. A big, lumbering turntable featuring an enormous and massive multi-layer platter system seemed like a prescription for over-damped, ill focused sound. What we heard those two evenings was anything but!

Aretha Franklin "Amazing Grace The Complete Recordings" On Vinyl For the First Time
It seems appropriate to review Rhino's sumptuous 4 LP set Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace The Complete Recordings, her enduring gospel album recorded in a Los Angeles church and released in June of 1972 on Atlantic Records, two days after Kanye West's Easter morning "gospel service" at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival before 50,000 fans.

AXPONA 2019 Second Turntable, Phono Preamp, Cartridge Round Up
Here's the second part of AnalogPlanet's AXPONA 2019 analog coverage. Covering it all required all three show days and did not allow even a minute's worth of listening. It was all running from room to room. I think I caught everything new introduced at the show other than the debut of the Dynavector DV17dx MC cartridge mounted on the Well Tempered 254 in the Stereo Haven room.

AXPONA 2019 Turntable Round Up
AXPONA 2019 held this past April 12th-15th at the Schaumberg Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center, established the show as North America's pre-eminent audio event. It was the largest show of its kind in terms of industry participation and when the attendance numbers are announced probably attendance-wise as well.

At AXPONA 2019 An Encounter With P.S. Audio Electronics Designer Darren Myers
Electronics engineer Darren Myers is responsible for designing many recent P.S. Audio products. He's finishing up the new P.S. Audio Stellar phono preamp. At AXPONA 2019 AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer sat down with Mr. Myers to discuss the new phono preamp. He also learned that Myers was influenced years ago by an email exchange with Fremer that helped set him on a positive career path.

A Special Offer From Anthony Wilson For Analogplanet Readers!
Anthony Wilson is offering AnalogPlanet readers for a limited time a 30% discount on his recent "11/11" album Songs and Photographs. I've traveled around the country (and world) with a test pressing of this record (I don't want to risk damaging the finished package so I leave it home) and the reaction has been uniformly positive for both the music and sound.

100 Recommended All-Analog LP Reissues Worth Owning
Here's 100 recommended all-analog LP reissues worth owning. The video runs two hours so unless you are masochistic, you might want to watch in shorter segments but covering 100 LPs took time! Plus there are the usual fun stories interspersed throughout.

1st Edition

More Record Store Day News
Two recently announced Record Store Day offerings may interest you. One is from the jazz label Newvelle. The other is from Reverb LP, the online record marketplace created by reverb, a website for buying and selling musical instruments and accessories.

Son House's "Father of Folk Blues" Provides A Uniquely Intimate Listening Experience
Despite recording a handful of legendary Paramount Records sides in 1930, Eddie James "Son" House, Jr. vanished after his rediscovery in August 1941 by Alan Lomax. His recordings gained stature over the ensuing decades, which in 1964 lead Dick Waterman, Nick Perls, and Phil Spiro on a mission to find House. They eventually located him that June in Rochester, New York, approximately 1,000 miles from his origins in the Mississippi Delta.

From Teen Icon To Heart of Darkness, Scott Walker RIP
Scott Walker, founding member of '60s era pop group The Walker Brothers and later creator of some of the darkest, most uncompromising avant-garde music that influenced Thom Yorke, David Bowie and others died last Friday, March 22nd, in London at age 76. The cause was cancer.

AnalogPlanet Radio Returns With New Host Malachi Lui
Recently, I presented the idea to AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer that I could do my very own online radio show to post on AnalogPlanet. I could transfer most of the songs from vinyl, stitch them together, and speak in between DJ sets. MF said "try it and let's see how it turns out."

Newvelle Records Hosts Special Attended Recording Session At EastSide Sound Studios
The subscription based vinyl-only jazz label Newvelle Records, which just finished production of its fourth season's recorded offerings (the first title, Noah Preminger's Preminger Plays Preminger shipped last week), held a special event a the label's "home base" studio: EastSide Sound in NYC today, March 23rd.

Denon 103 Slip Over Aluminum Body: Does it Improve Sonics?
Denon's 103 cartridge originally introduced in the 1960s for radio station vinyl playback is still in production and now has achieved near-mythical status. A few third party body upgrades are available, most of which require the motor to be removed from the less than rigid original.

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