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AnalogPlanet Nov 2018


2nd Edition

Soundsmith Revamps Cartridge Lineup With New ES Series
Peekskill New York based Soundsmith launched at last October's RMAF a new ES line of moving cartridges that includes ES versions of their Otello, The Voice, Aida, Carmen MKII, Zephyr MKIII, Zephyr MIMIC, Hyperion, Paua MKII, and Sussuro MKII.

SME Importer Bluebird Music Reduces Prices on All SME Turntables and Tonearms
North American SME importer Bluebird Music recently announced "significant" across the board price reductions on all SME products, effective November 23, 2018. For instance, the SME Model 10 (pictured above), with the world famous 309 tonearm included, now sells for under $9,000.

From The Archives: Analog Corner #102
Bose ran a full-page ad for its Wave radio a few weeks ago in the New York Times. The headline was "Proof That Great Ideas Get Heard." The company patted itself on the back for winning a technology award for the radio from "Forbes ASAP." The award cites the Wave as being one of 15 "world-changing" technological breakthroughs, on an equal footing with Bell's telephone, Edison's light bulb, and the invention of the CD.

Audio Video Show Warsaw, Day 3
Here's the third and final video shot at Audio Video Show 2018, Warsaw, Poland that concluded November, 18th. Almost all of this footage was from the PGE Narodowy football (soccer) stadium exhibits (Thumbnail is radio interview conducted at the stadium, show organizer Adam Mokrzycki on right).

Audio Video Show 2018 Warsaw Poland Day 2
Walk through the Campanile Golden Tulip and Radisson Sobieski Hotel exhibits at Audio Video Show 2018 Warsaw with AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer. The video begins with a look at J Sikora's new Kevlar tonearm and a short interview translated from Polish to English with Mr. Janusz Sikora, whose turntable line will soon be available in America.

Audio Video Show 2018 Warsaw Poland Day 1
Warsaw, Poland's Audio Video Show has grown almost exponentially over the past 20 or so years. Today it's Europe's second biggest show (after Munich) and this year it expects to attract over 15,000 visitors in three venues: the Radisson Sobieski, the Golden Tulip and the skyboxes at the enormous Stadion Narodowy.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #101
In 1982, while a graduate student in electrical engineering at Stanford University, Robert E. Stoddard proved the feasibility using laser optics and high-speed servos to retrieve analog information scribed into the grooves of a phonograph record. Though once the stuff of science fiction, lasers had by then long been a reality--as had the other technologies needed to implement Stoddard's idea.

1st Edition

Bob Dylan 3-Way Not a Devil's Triangle
A New Zealand-based reader recently emailed asking if Mobile Fidelity's double 45rpm monophonic Bob Dylan reissues were "worth the money". He added that he was a big Bob Dylan fan.

At Making Vinyl 2018 "The New Business Model Filling The Vinyl Pipeline"
You are sure to find the stories both interesting and enlightening as they explain how the reissue business works as the vinyl resurgence has resurrected major label interest.

"Little" Steven Van Zandt's Keynote Discussion At Making Vinyl 2018
At last month's "Making Vinyl" conference in Detroit Keynote speaker Steven Van Zandt chose not to present a formal address. Instead, he sat down with music journalist Gary Graff to talk about his relationship with vinyl records and especially his TeachRock ( organization that provides to schools free of charge music educational resources.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #100
This is the 100th "Analog Corner" I've written for Stereophile. Thanks to all for reading the column, and for taking the time to send me and the magazine so many letters, complimentary and otherwise, over the eight years and four months it's taken to reach 100 installments. In that time we've witnessed one of the greatest resurrections since...

Bob Dylan's "More Blood, More Tracks The Bootleg Series Vol. 14" Review + Exclusive Interview With Co-Producer Steve Berkowitz
1974's Blood on the Tracks (Columbia PC 33235) was for many at the time a "Bob Dylan's back" album. He was back on Columbia Records after leaving for David Geffen's Asylum for a pair of not particularly well-received at the time albums backed by The Band. But more importantly Dylan was back in the more familiar role as folk-poet and story teller--though spinning more deeply felt tales from various points of view that many observers wrongly thought were personal chronicles.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #99
Press kits arrive at my house almost daily, trumpeting one thing or another, including upcoming hi-fi shows around the world. Recently, none has provided quite the jolt to my system as one sent by Steve Rowell of Audio Classics in Vestal, New York. It's for the New York High Fidelity Music Show, September 29-October 3. Don't worry, you haven't missed it. Well, you have--by 38 years.

Mercury "Living Presence" Reissue Series Cut From 3-track Analog Masters From Analogue Productions
Tom Fine, re-mastering producer of the first two soon-to-be-released Analogue Productions Mercury "Living Presence" titles talks with AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer about the all-analog mastering process, with lacquers cut by Ryan K. Smith from the original 3 track master tapes.

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