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From the Archives: Analog Corner #87
After the polishing--almost an hour's worth--we played it again. The difference was not subtle but enormous--as if we'd changed an expensive component. The increase in clarity and focus and the diminution of grunge and hash were easily noticeable, as was the overall richer, warmer sound.

Meet Malachi Lui, A 12 Year Old Very Serious Record Collector
A friend of AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer texted a few weeks ago "There's a kid on radio station WFMU who sounds like you! He's talking about vinyl and different pressings and mastering engineers". Fremer responded "cool". Then came another text: "He just name checked you!"

SAT (Swedish Analog Technologies) Begins Delivering Four New Pickup Arms
(Gothenburg Sweden, 6-25-2018)-- SAT (Swedish Analog Technologies) last week announced that it's begun shipping its next-gen series of pickup arms, the LM-09 and LM-12 and the CF1-09 and CF1-12, both of which went into production last April.

HiFiction AG Assumes Control of EMT Cartridges
Switzerland-based HiFiction AG best known for its line of Thales turntables and tangential tracking pivoted pickup arms, announced today that it has assumed control of EMT Tontechnik and is now manufacturing in Switzerland the full line of EMT cartridges.

Righting a Rolling Stones Catalogue Wrong: The New Rolling Stones "Studio Album Collection 1971-2016" Box Set
The irony wasn't lost on Stones fans when ABKCO and Universal simultaneously issued Rolling Stones vinyl box sets back in 2010. ABKCO, which owned the group's British Decca-era catalog, hired legendary mastering engineer Bob Ludwig to handle mastering of its catalog while Universal, which controlled the group's own label, released a box set with no mastering credits.

Zappa Family Trust Releases AAA Edition of Frank's "Burnt Weeny Sandwich"
And this is how you do it correctly!: Supervised by the ZFT, the record was specially mastered for this release by Bernie Grundman with all analog production and cut directly from the 1970 1/4" stereo safety master tape in 2018. 'Tis the season for "White Port and Lemon Juice"!

From The Archives: Analog Corner #86
Was I spoiled by the proliferation of analog gear at the High End 2002 show in Frankfurt, Germany? Nah. Home Entertainment 2002 just wasn't a very analog show. Some new and exciting gear appeared, and there were plenty of turntables playing vinyl. But the agenda of HE2002 was multichannel sound and home theater. That's what the organizers wanted, and, at least on the surface, that's what they got.

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