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AnalogPlanet Jan 2018


2nd Edition

CES 2018 Day 3 Is Anything Happening at "The Zoo"?
In the "old days" of CES we used to call the main convention center "The Zoo". For the past ten years or so there simply wasn't sufficient time to cover the High Performance Audio exhibits at the Venetian and "The Zoo", but this year with "High Performance Audio" participation low there was time for a "Zoo" visit.

On Day Two of CES 2018 Proof That A.C. Cables Make a Big Sonic Difference
"Walk" the Venetian Hotel hallway with editor Michael Fremer at Day two of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. On day two visit Musical Surroundings and see all of the new Clearaudio, AMG and DS Audio products plus a new Hana monophonic cartridge.

High End At CES 2018 Is a One Floor Wonder (Now Including Hour Long Video)
Opening day was the one day needed to pretty much cover the entire High End segment at CES 2018 and I wasn't exactly rushing. What's happened? Most of the business these days is at Munich High End. It's more of an international event (for the High End) and Spring is a more opportune time for fall and holiday season buying.

Technics Launches SL-1000R and SP-10R Direct Drive Reference Class Turntables at CES 2018
AnalogPlanet got invited to ta pre-CES Show opening launch of the new Technics SL-1000R and SP-10R Reference Class turntables and the sound was impressive! This was the first time these turntables were shown working and the sound based on about an hour of listening on the eve of the show's opening day was impressive!

From The Archives: Analog Corner #69
Every time I attend CES in Las Vegas, I wonder if this is the year the seemingly fragile analog bubble has finally burst. That day may eventually come, but not 2001.

Peter Gabriel's "Passion" Reissued at 45rpm, Half-Speed Mastered
Silly me! I thought all Hans Zimmer lifted for The Gladiator soundtrack were bits and pieces of Holst's "The Planets". Everyone does that so no offense, but after playing this reissue I heard from where came the best parts of The Gladiator soundtrack. Surely this was on the CD player when Zimmer created his track.

BBC Late Junction Sessions: "Unpopular Music"
Step away from your predictable audiophile fare and consider this double 45rpm LP set from the U.K.'s Gearbox Records of artists you've mostly never heard of playing music you've probably never heard either.

Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly" -- Mobile Fidelity Does the Digital One-Step
Before getting to the audiofool controversy surrounding the release of a 3M digital recording on expensive vinyl, there's the music. You're smacked in the face on the side openers "I.G.Y." and "New Frontier" (on the original single LP) by the exuberance and sunlit optimism of the "certain fantasies" entertained by "a young man growing up in the remote suburbs" back when science was venerated and not denigrated as it is today in certain circles as a "liberal plot".

1st Edition

From the Archives: Analog Corner #68
In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick depicted a Pan American Airlines shuttle whizzing space commuters to an orbiting circular station, where they communicated with earthbound loved ones via a Bell Telephone videophone. Pillbox-hatted stewardesses served up vacuum-bagged space gruel sucked from straws.

"Willie Watson Folk Singer Vol.2" Goes Long on Authenticity
During the great folk music revival of the 1960s how many buyers of Peter, Paul & Mary's stunning debut album knew who was the Reverend Gary Davis, writer of the apocalyptic side 2 opener "If I Had My Way"? Probably very few. In those days you'd have to visit the local library to find out who he was, assuming you paid attention to label credits in the first place.

The Gospel According to Zimmerman: "Trouble No More" The Bootleg Series Vol. 13/1979-1981
What always felt like it would be a nasty bump in the Dylan Bootleg Series road turns out to be a smooth walk on the water thanks to a concept the Dylan boot team perfectly executes by covering the mutable artist's evangelical period with highly charged live performances, outtakes and rehearsals that will turn you into a believer, if not in Christ, then in Dylan's absolute commitment to what he then preached and in the power of the songs and especially the supercharged performances he delivered.

Reverb LP A New Online Record Selling and Buying Site Opens Its Digital "Doors"
The website recently announced an open beta launch for Reverb LP. Backed by what it claims is "the world's most popular music gear site", Reverb LP aims to be "the best place online to buy and sell records".

Another AnalogPlanet Record Cleaning Extravaganza!
The most expensive record cleaning device in this video is Pro-Ject's $499 VC-S. That's good news! The other gizmos include the new Allsop Orbitrac 3, the Vinyl Vac (about $30 on, which is a wand that you use with a shop vac, and a few others.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #67
Comparing DIN-to-RCA phono cables is a daunting enough task without the distraction of watching a nation unable to figure out who it elected president, partly because it relies on 40-year-old punchcard technology to tally votes. Haven't election officials heard that digital is perfect?

I Was an Expert Witness in The Quincy Jones vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson Lawsuit
2017 has been an amazing year for vinyl and an equally amazing one for AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer. But the most exciting adventure was being an expert witness in the recently concluded Quincy Jones vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson lawsuit won by Quincy Jones.

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