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AnalogPlanet Dec 2017


2nd Edition

From the Archives: Analog Corner #67
Comparing DIN-to-RCA phono cables is a daunting enough task without the distraction of watching a nation unable to figure out who it elected president, partly because it relies on 40-year-old punchcard technology to tally votes. Haven't election officials heard that digital is perfect?

I Was an Expert Witness in The Quincy Jones vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson Lawsuit
2017 has been an amazing year for vinyl and an equally amazing one for AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer. But the most exciting adventure was being an expert witness in the recently concluded Quincy Jones vs. The Estate of Michael Jackson lawsuit won by Quincy Jones.

ELO Vinyl Set Sweepstakes
Register to win a copy of ELO's 2LP collector's picture disc edition of Out of the Blue we are giving away.

Sonny Clark Trio The 1960 Time Sessions With George Duvivier And Max Roach
You don't have to be a Blue Note fetishist to know that pianist Sonny Clark made at least one great and enduring album, the 1958 hard bop classic "Cool Struttin', though the cult of Cool Struttin' has driven up the price of original pressings to the $4000 range and higher.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #66
Despite being shown concrete documentation that analog is alive, well, and growing, there are still some audio writers who deny its very existence. I'm talking about some of the folks at Sound & Vision. I haven't popped off in print about other magazines in this column (much)--it's not good form.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #65
The 777 hit the Newark tarmac, spilling two weeks of RAM cache input during a hyperactive early-fall visit to Italy and the UK, where I attended hi-fi shows and toured the Sonus Faber and SME factories. It was almost too much for my brain to absorb.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #64
First, let's throw egg on a few faces. Due to a communications screw-up, I passed on to you some wrong and incomplete information about the workings of the Lyra Helikon cartridge in my August 2000 "Analog Corner."

From the Archives: Analog Corner #63
"Simply Annoying," the section of last February's "Analog Corner" devoted to British reissue company Simply Vinyl, did not result in any clarification from the label regarding its source material--my e-mails went unanswered. Apparently, however, some consumers have had more luck.

UHQR Returns, This Time From Analogue Productions Starting With Jimi Hendrix Classics
50 years tp the day of its original release in both mono and stereo, Analogue Productions announces tomorrow the UHQR reissues of Jimi Hendrix's epic Axis: Bold As Love, newly remastered from the original analog master tapes by Bernie Grundman. Click that hyperlink and watch Bernie at work cutting!

Riva Audio's Magic Wand!
Just had to sneak this in before heading for vacation.Riva Audio's Wand is a spectacular-sounding wireless Wi-Fi based distributed audio system that features open architecture, meaning you can stream using Google's Play app via Chromecast, or Apple's Airplay, or directly from a hard drive via DLNA or control the system Riva's own Wand app, at up to 192/24 bit resolution. It has Spotify built in.

1st Edition

From the Archives: Analog Corner #62
What's June without a hi-fi show? With Stereophile's exhibition put on hold for 2000 while emapUSA sorts out future possibilities--Manhattan in May 2001 is the most probable place and date--I flashed on High End 1996 in Frankfurt, Germany, a June show I'd attended and reported on in this column. German audiophiles were still heavily into vinyl back then, so why not hit High End 2000?

Portugal-Based Sempersonus Introduces New Epicyclic Drive Turntable
Sempersonus, a new audio company based in Lisbon, Portugal just announced its first product: a turntable based upon an idler wheel-type drive it calls "Epicyclic Drive", because the motor and pulley directly drive the platter's inner rim.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #61
Joni Mitchell played The Theater at Madison Square Garden recently, supporting her new CD, Both Sides Now. Mitchell with symphony orchestra sounded like a no-brainer, so we got tickets, though by the time my friend was able to get through online to Ticketmaster the best seats were gone. We got second-best accommodations for $75, which seemed reasonable, given the cost of rehearsing an orchestra, then traipsing around the country with it.

Blue Note's Bi-Annual Blue Note Review Box Set Reviewed
Don Was, community organizer. Who would have thought? There's long been a Blue Note "community" but it's a loose knit, worldwide group of like-minded label enthusiasts that have kept the Blue Note flame glowing.

Grado's New Prestige Series 2 Updates Classic Grado Cartridge Line
Brooklyn, NY: Grado recently announced "a major step forward in their affordable Prestige Series of phono cartridges" with the Prestige Series 2--the entry level line's third upgrade since its 1953 introduction, when these were hand-built by Joe Grado on his kitchen table.

Which "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs"?
After the messy "supergroup" hype surrounding Blind Faith--more a one-off money maker than a group formed to last--Eric Clapton decided to downplay his fame and so was born in 1970 Derek and the Dominoes and the Layla... double LP that initially flopped. Many people today forget that, but flop it did. It didn't help that it was a costly double LP by an "unknown" group.

Blood, Sweat & Tears "Bloodlines" Box Set From Analogue Productions
BS&T fans fall into 4 camps: the 1st which prefers the Al Kooper led original group and the album Child is Father to the Man, the 2nd that prefers only the second eponymously titled album, which was the group's most popular, the 3rd camp that loves the first two albums and the 4th camp that loves all of the group's albums. This box is definitely for them.

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