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AnalogPlanet Nov 2017


2nd Edition

Analogplanet Radio's Thanksgiving Radio Show Now Available For Streaming and Downloading
Today's Analogplanet Radio show is all about giving thanks, eating and then driving home. You can stream it from the website.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #60
A pleasant surprise arrived at my door the other day: the 180gm vinyl edition of Companion, the Patricia Barber album released last year on Premonition/Blue Note. According to the jacket, the six-track set, impeccably recorded live in Chicago last July by Jim Anderson, was mastered from a 24-bit transfer of an analog recording.

Furnace Manufacturing Builds New 16 Press Pressing and Packaging Plant
That new record you just unboxed probably came shrink-wrapped or in a perforated sealed bag. Maybe it has a sticker or two on it or it's a numbered limited edition. Watch how all of this happens in this just produced video shot at Furnace Manufacturing with founder Eric Astor.

VPI Introduces Cliffwood Dedicated MM Phono Preamp
VPI just announced a stand-alone dedicated moving magnet phono preamplifier based upon the circuit in the Player turntable's built-in unit.

From the Archives: Analog Corner #59
If you were preparing to archive your LPs to CD-R, what would you do first? Right. You'd scrub your records and whip your turntable into shape--maybe even upgrade your cartridge and/or phono section.

Blue Note Review Is a Biannual Limited Edition Luxury Box Set Subscription Series
Blue Note Records introduces Blue Note Review: Volume One - Peace, Love & Fishing, the inaugural edition of a stunning new biannual, limited edition, luxury boxset subscription series that encapsulates the storied past and auspicious future of the legendary jazz label.

The Small, Sad New York Audio Show 2017
The just concluded New York Audio Show 2017 was small. Really small. It was so sad for one of the world's greatest and most musically sophisticated cities to not be able to support an appropriately sized audio exhibition.

AnalogPlanet Visits Ovation A/V in Indianapolis to Talk Vinyl
AnalogPlanet visits Ovation AV in Indianapolis to speak and play records for a large and appreciative audience. Here's a tour of a well-stocked store filled with affordable two channel audio and home theater.

"Making Vinyl Detroit/2017" Part 2
Day two of the international "Making Vinyl 2017 Detroit" event began with Darryl "DMC" McDaniels' rousing keynote address in which he described growing up as a rock'n'roll fan (Beatles, Stones, Dylan, etc.) in Hollis, Queens, listening to vinyl records, and his getting drawn, along with his friend Russell Simons into the then emerging turntablist scene that evolved into rap.

"Sonny Clark Trio : The 1960 Time Sessions with George Duvivier and Max Roach" November 24th From Tompkins Square
Tompkins Square announced today the upcoming release of Sonny Clark Trio : The 1960 Time Sessions, a limited edition 2LP set available exclusively via participating independent record stores as part of Record Store Day, on Black Friday, November 24th, 2017.

1st Edition

Making Vinyl Detroit 2017 Day 1
Bryan Ekus, President and Executive Producer Making Vinyl Detroit 2017 and Larry Jaffee, Conference Director have put together an outstanding two day Making Vinyl conference comprehensively covering every aspect of modern vinyl production. It would have been a shame had weak industry participation marred the event.

Analog Corner #57
At the 1999 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I found the Alexis Park Hotel's Specialty Audio exhibit area "depressing." In the year 2000, however, it was a refreshing oasis of sanity in a desert storm of digital sand swirling around the main convention center, which promised us 500 channels of TV, PPV, WebTV, AOLTV, DSL, Geocast, Web Radio, downloadable MP3, and on and on.

CiAudio's Punchy, Pleasing PEQ MKII Dual Mono MM/MC Phono Preamplifier
CiAudio (better known as Channel Islands Audio) is an American-manufacturer of high quality, moderately priced electronics that you can explore at the company's website. The PEQ 1 MKII is built to an unexpectedly high standard given its $995 price tag and American heritage. The outside is a sturdy milled aluminum chassis unusual at this price point as are the highest quality panel mounted Cardas RCA jacks.

Saft, Swallow, Previte and.... Iggy Pop?
Pianist Jamie Saft's trio recorded a well-received, sonically superb 2014 album called New Standard. If you need a group or individual backgrounder, please hit that hyperlink. The new album, with all selections written by Saft, is more an exercise in compositional reiteration than in adventurous exploration, though the wide-openness of the melodic and emotionally sweeping tunes invites Swallow and Previte to both swing them and add orchestra-like drum'n'bass colors.

Music Box Designs Sturdy Solid Wood Stackable Record Storage Crates
Netherlands-based Music Box Designs manufactures these solid wood vinyl storage containers and ships them world-wide for a very reasonable price. Shipping is free in The Netherlands and throughout most of Europe.

"Tour" the QRP Pressing Plant, Acoustic Sounds, and Take A Second Row Seat at Stiefel Theater Saturday Night Blues at the Crossroads Concert
Saturdays during the Blues at the Crossroads concert weekend, Acoustic Sounds and Quality Vinyl Pressing (QRP) open their doors to blues fans from around the world, who are invited to tour the QRP pressing plant and buy new and used records and SACDs at Acoustic Sounds.

Newvelle Records Launches Third Year of Subscription Series Jazz LPs
Subscription-based jazz label Newvelle Records recently announced its third year of vinyl-only original productions. The six gatefold packaged albums ship every other month. Subscribers get a box in which to store the albums.

Kaneshii Vinyl Pressing Opens on Canada's East Coast Aiming To Serve Indie Artists
Opened June of 2017, Kaneshii Vinyl Press is a full-service boutique vinyl-record manufacturer located in the West Royalty Industrial Park, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on Canada's East Coast. The company sent the press release in the early fall, probably after the opening "shake out". Good idea!

The 20th Annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads--Evening 1 at Blue Heaven Studios
Friday night at this year's Blues Masters at the Crossroads in Chad Kassem's Blue Heaven Studios featured emcee and blues veteran Doug MacLeod and an outstanding talent lineup: Jontavious Willis, Marquise Knox, Lucky Peterson, Alabama Slim and Robert Finley.

Don't Try This on CD! #1 (First in a Series)
Here's a vinyl transcription at 96/24 of "Rocks Off" from an original Artisan mastered copy of Exile on Main Street. After the band finished their overdubs in Los Angeles they ran the tape over to Artisan for vinyl mastering. This is the version to own.

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