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AnalogPlanet Aug 2017


1st Edition

Elvis Costello With Burt Bacharach "Painted From Memory" Finally AAA
A heavenly pairing of Bacharach's suburban pop melodic intent and Costello's insightful lyrics that well-capture the required Bacharach late afternoon bedroom melodrama produced this 1998 gem of a soap operatic collaboration.

Why WSJ Writer Neil Shah's Career is Over
Back in 2015 Wall Steet Journal correspondent Neil Shah wrote a curious piece called "The Biggest Music Comeback of 2014: Vinyl Records". Curious because while the headline heralds that "the biggest music comeback of 2014" was the resurgence of vinyl records, the story itself threw a mud caked wet blanket over the entire experience, one created by Mr. Shah's cynical and highly selective use of the information he obtained by talking to people in the industry.

Coming Soon! Full Evaluation of Jolida's FOZ XT-R Crosstalk Reducer
Coming up shortly on AnalogPlanet will be a full evaluation of Jim Fosgate's electronic azimuth setting/crosstalk reduction FOZ XT-R! You can set azimuth manually on many tone arms. The best way is to use a good test record like Analogue Productions' "Ultimate Analogue Test LP" and either a digital oscilloscope, or Dr. Feickert's Adjust+ software, or Mr. Fosgate's Fozgometer.

In A Thai Vinyl Noodle Factory (TPC--Thai Plastic Company)
Did you ever wonder where the vinyl used to press your records originates? Most of the vinyl pellets used by American pressing plants originates in Thailand, manufactured at a TPC plant on the outskirts of Bangkok.

At Thai International High End 2017 News of New Audible Illusions Phono Preamplifier
Sometimes you have to travel overseas for news about American audio. While at the Thai show I learned of a new stand-alone phono preamplifier from venerable but until recently inactive Audible Illusions.

Opening Day Coverage of Bangkok's What Hi-Fi? 2017 High End Show editor Michael Fremer is at the 2017 What Hi Fi? Bangkok Show taking place Thursday through Sunday July 27th through Sunday July 30th at the sprawling BiTech convention center.

At Thai International High End 2017 VPI Debuts Cliffwood Turntable
At What Hi-Fi?'s International High-End A/V 2017 show in Bangkok, Thailand VPI introduced the new Cliffwood turntable. The new turntable features a vinyl-wrapped plinth, an inverted ceramic ball topped bearing, an aluminum alloy platter and a new gimbaled bearing tone arm.

What Hi-Fi?'s Thai International High-End A/V 2017 Show Begins Today
It's early Thursday morning Bangkok time. Today is day one of the Thai magazine What Hi-Fi?'s big audio show (the magazine is not related to the U.K. magazine of the same name, started around the same time).

The Pear Audio Blue Robin Hood SE Turntable and Coronet 1 Tone Arm (Speed Issue Explained)
By the time the iconoclastic turntable designer Tom Fletcher passed away in 2006 he'd given to his friend Pear Audio Analogue's Peter Mezek the "keys" to all of the Nottingham designs along with his blessings to continue producing them in his Slovenia factory. You may see copies elsewhere, but Pear Analogue's are the only authorized editions.

Off With the Man Buns and Kick Out the Jams With Run Out Groove's MC5 Compilation!
The new reissue record label Run Out Groove recently launched with a limited to 2668 copy edition of a gloriously noisy, high energy MC5 compilation sourced from the group's Elektra and Atlantic catalogues. The Detroit-based group (The Motor City Five), which made music that was an invigorating amalgam of garage rock, punk rock and blues with a hint of progressive jazz thrown in, released but three full length albums during its less than a decade long run.

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