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AnalogPlanet July 2017


2nd Edition

The Pear Audio Blue Robin Hood SE Turntable and Coronet 1 Tone Arm (Speed Issue Explained)
By the time the iconoclastic turntable designer Tom Fletcher passed away in 2006 he'd given to his friend Pear Audio Analogue's Peter Mezek the "keys" to all of the Nottingham designs along with his blessings to continue producing them in his Slovenia factory. You may see copies elsewhere, but Pear Analogue's are the only authorized editions.

Off With the Man Buns and Kick Out the Jams With Run Out Groove's MC5 Compilation!
The new reissue record label Run Out Groove recently launched with a limited to 2668 copy edition of a gloriously noisy, high energy MC5 compilation sourced from the group's Elektra and Atlantic catalogues. The Detroit-based group (The Motor City Five), which made music that was an invigorating amalgam of garage rock, punk rock and blues with a hint of progressive jazz thrown in, released but three full length albums during its less than a decade long run.

Does Chasing the Dragon's "Espana" "Jump the Shark"?
Espana is Chasing the Dragon's latest and most ambitious Direct-to-Disc record. It's difficult enough to record Direct-to-Disc a string ensemble, or a big band or a big band with vocalist, all of which the label has done successfully managed.

Tour SME With New CEO Stuart McNeilis
Last year, Cadence Group purchased from the Robertson-Aikman family venerable SME, Ltd., appointing as its new CEO Stuart McNeilis. Mr. McNeilis, a veteran of the the aerospace industry, is attempting to maintain SME's exceptional traditional manufacturing quality while moving the company (gently) into the 21st century.

1st Edition

After a 13 Year Hiatus, Korea's Machang Music and Pictures Again Pressing Vinyl Records
Seoul, Korea based Machang Music and Pictures a few weeks ago began pressing records at a brand new facility after a 13 year break (the email said 18 so not sure which is correct). For now the company operates two brand new made-in-Korea presses.

"1967" Harvey Kubernik's Summer of Love Chronicle
Anyone who thinks "The Summer of Love" was a media creation simply wasn't there. Like many baby boomers, Kubernik was there. Unlike many of us though, he was there with photographers Henry Diltz and Guy Webster among others, both of whom gave the rock culture chronicler access to their photos for this highly entertaining, image filled and recollection rich book.

Eight Phono Preamps Identified and Votes Tallied!
AnalogPlanet asked the question Should You Buy a MM Only Phono Preamp If you are using a MM cartridge? and then provided readers with capsules of 8 phono preamps followed by 8 unidentified 96k/24 bit files, asking readers to listen and vote "blind".

Mobile Fidelity's Long Awaiting Line of Turntables, Cartridges and Electronics Now Available
Mobile Fidelity's long-awaited line of analog-related electronics, turntables and cartridges announced some time ago and shown at various consumer and trade shows is now available.

VPI Launches $900 Cliffwood Turntable
VPI Industries announced on June 29th the new $900 Cliffwood turntable, named for the New Jersey town in which VPI has been headquartered for the past 30 years.

RIVA's New "One Box" Multi-Room Wand Festival Wireless Speaker Does 106dB
Admittedly, wireless speakers are not AnalogPlanet's "beat", but portable music is everyone's so a few years ago when RIVA launched a series of Bluetooth speakers and showed up at the old Newport Show to demo them for fussy audiophiles, we took note.

In Japan, Sony Getting Back Into the Business of Pressing Records
I read the news today, oh boy! Sony, Japan is getting back into the business of cutting and perhaps pressing records after having "walkman"ed away for the past thirty years.

Tour Pro-Ject's New Logistics Center and New Factory
After last May's High End Munich show, Pro-Ject founder and CEO Heinz Lichtenegger invited international distributors attending the show to visit the company's brand new high-tech "green" logistics center outside of Vienna. They also toured the original Pro-Ject factory in Litovel, Czech Republic as well as the brand new factory down the road.

Koeppel Design's New LP Block Solves the Age-Old "Where the Hell Did I Put That Record Jacket?" Problem
It's an age-old problem and a problem of old age-- particularly in a cluttered listening room: you put the record on the turntable, put the jacket down and then forget where you put it. Has that ever happened to you?

New Los Angeles Area Vinyl Mastering Facility Opens
The facility added this year "... a new room fitted with a vintage VMS66 lathe, completely overhauled and subjected to listening tests, modifications, and technical optimizations for months on end. Our dedicated cutting staff, head up by Nick Townsend and Chris Noel, now provides lacquering for your projects at the highest levels of fidelity."

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