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Stereophile June 2017

Stereophile June 2017

2nd Edition

Listening #175: Soulines Kubrick DCX turntable
Sometimes I feign interest in living in the Soviet Union of the 1950s and '60s. This happens mostly when I'm shopping for toothpaste at my local supermarket, where the toothpaste aisle is as long as a football field. "I don't want so many choices," I say in my Abe Simpson voice, "because all these choices are stupid.

George Winston Climbs Aboard his Carousel
New Age. Most of it was acoustic. While there were vocals here and there, much of it featured instrumentalists playing solo or in groups. Some of it was meant to alleviate stress. Some of it was marginally connected to a similarly named movement in spirituality. Environmentalism and respect for nature were constant themes.

High-End Dealer Jeffrey Catalano Talks Horns, Tubes, & LPs with Herb Reichert
This video is about Jeffrey Catalano and his shop High Water Sound, located in Manhattan's South Street Seaport, right under the Brooklyn Bridge. Though it was my first time meeting Jeffrey, I had long been familiar with his name--often associated with good sound at audio shows and a true appreciation for music.

Buffalo Tom's Let Me Come Over Celebrates 25th Anniversary
The musicians and music that you love. Mostly it's all about timing. Whether it reminds you of a happy(ier) time in life or a much-younger, more-energetic version of yourself, certain music can inspire a devotion that does not easily die.

Mellifluous Schumann from Baritone Matthias Goerne
For his fourth Schumann disc since the 1998 Dichterliebe; Liederkreis collaboration with Vladimir Ashkenazy, the great German baritone Matthias Goerne joins pianist Markus Hinterhäuser in a 19-gem collection of heart-touching songs by Robert Schumann entitled Einsamkeit (Solitude).

Zu's Sean Casey Talks Loudspeakers
At the Los Angeles Audio Show, held June 2-4, John Atkinson spoke with Zu Audio's founder, owner, and chief engineer Sean Casey about the Zu Audio Druid (pictured), Sean's background and his "unconventional" approach, and historic speaker designs. And toward the end of the video, Sean Casey turns the tables on JA by interviewing him about the role of the audio reviewer!

Mark Levinson No.536 monoblock power amplifier
Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of Harman International Industries, was addressing engineers and the audio press in a crowded conference room at the opening of Harman Luxury Audio's new Engineering Center of Excellence (ECOE), in Shelton, Connecticut. Paliwal singled out as the ECOE's first beneficiary the Mark Levinson brand, with the goal of revitalizing it as Harman's flagship marque.

AnalogueWorks Zero turntable
My main task is to describe an audio component's basic character. How was it made? How did it fit into my system? How effectively did it deliver musical performances? My goal is to create stories that generate sounds and images in your mind--stories that will allow you to imagine how the component might perform in your system.

Los Angeles Audio Show Report!
John Atkinson, Jana Dagdagan and Jason Victor Serinus report live from Los Angeles CA!

1st edition

Los Angeles Audio Show Report!
John Atkinson, Jana Dagdagan and Jason Victor Serinus report live from Los Angeles CA!

Are You Experienced?
There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it: Headphones sound different from speakers. For different reasons, I like both, but all speakers come with one undeniable disadvantage: the room you play them in.

Recording of July 2017: TajMo
The blues, that wonderful basis of so much American popular music, has for many listeners grown a bit stale and old-fashioned. It's not much of a draw outside bar bands, and other than Alligator Records, most of the biggest blues labels have folded or gone dormant. Losing many of the music's first- and second-generation practitioners hasn't helped.

John Adams Meets Alarm Will Sound via Podcast and More
Stick with me through this introduction, girls and boys, because the wild and wacky music I'm about to discuss is worth it! Scan any "A" list of living American composers, and the names of two Pulitzer Prize in Music recipients with the last name of Adams inevitably appears: John Adams, and John Luther Adams.

American Epic
Give Jack White credit. What other rock star has ever been so passionately interested in music history that he'd actually spend his own money to preserve old records? Not only that but his motives seem fairly pure.

Don Garber, 1935-2017
Don Garber, founder and sole proprietor of the influential electronics company Fi as well as a noted artist, passed away on June 4th, following a brief illness. He was 81.

Arcam FMJ SR250 stereo A/V receiver
Stereophile seldom reviews A/V receivers. We made an exception for Arcam's FMJ SR250 ($3600) because it's that unusual two-channel device: one that includes room-correction software, in this case Dirac Live.

Listening #174: Restoring an Altec 604E
There was a fight. And when the fight took a turn for the worse and things began being broken and thrown, it was time to leave. Not later. Not soon. Now.

Everybody Digs Bill Evans (Again!)
For fans, of course, he's never been gone, not even for a minute. A jazz pianist who played from the heart and spent a tumultuous life fighting his demons while searching, as singer Tony Bennett has often said, "for truth and beauty," Bill Evans is now the subject of four previously unheard, recently released titles, on LPs, CDs, and downloads, of live recordings of his music.

Joe Walsh on 200gm LP from Analogue Productions
Not so long ago, the 1970s were regularly and fairly vociferously disparaged as a musical wasteland. Lately however, it's become very noticeable, especially since Madison Avenue is now using '70s tunes to sell everything from cars to ice cream, that those voices have largely gone silent.

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