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Kronos Audio & Trulife Audio Colaboration


The Best Turntable meets the Best Phono or Vise Versa..

There has been a great deal of cooperation in Hi- End last time between two companies with great reputation in this area, two brands that have to give even more thanks to this collaboration. The more good news is that one of the two is a Greek company, Trulife Audio (TLA) by Velissarios and Menios Georgiadis .. the other company is Kronos Audio by Louis Desjardins..

This collaboration was presented at Munich's 2017 exhibition and concerns the integrated system Louis Desjardins has evolved for his 'extraterrestrial' turntable, to which he added, after 1 year development and colaboration, the excellent TLA's Phono Stage..



The Event

We had the opportunity imediately after Munich to see and listen to that system in HXOEKFRASH on Tuesday 30/6/2017 as well as to talk (by bombing with questions and queries) to Louis Desjardins, who has solved, explained, analyzed and eventually proved it by making all the changes and experiments we asked for. So I quote a few lines from that meeting, I will follow with analytical impressions..

The event was held in a limited audience and the guests were audiophiles and people from the field like Nikos Korakakis (Signal Project Cables), Fotis Fotiadis (HXOS Magazine) and of course many ACA members.. The HXOEKFRASH location was known from old presentations, a very well sonically treated room with the huge avant garde trio xd fill it up, let's say a bit overdosed.. despite this, the sound was at a very high-end quality level..

Kronos Phono Stage was started from Argo Reference of Trulife Audio and was developed by the two companies for more than a year, so this is a completely new reference phono stage.. that new phono is hosted on the special suspended Kronos Reference System as a module.. a new function is included in front that is a rotary selector affecting the tone, very useful for some special recordings..



The Presentation

Louis Desjardins answered to every our question, small or complex.. he analyzed his philosophy in the design of the power supply which 'sees' a complex electronic device with five (5 !!) processing units.. he showed us how it works and how suspention is affected by adding a barrier between the sub-platters .. the sound was dramatically affected..

He made us a showcase of the excellent complex suspension and drive with the contra-rotating motors and how they are operating regardless of the platform!! Yes, as you heard well, by moving right to the left of the Kronos chassis, the chassis itself following the laws of physics was moving while the platter with the arm continues to read the disc without the slightest movement or annoyance

The nicest and most interesting part of the show, was when Louis Desjardins responding to my question about the operation and usefulness of the second platter immediately rushed and disconnected the lower Kronos floor by removing the straps and stopping the motor.. the AB comparison was fatally and prominently in favor of the overall design with the two inversely moving platforms!! Incredible design and great engineering..


Kronos Audio & Trulife Audio Colaboration3


Kronos Audio & Trulife Audio Colaboration2



But that excellent sound we've heared was not only the result of the performance of the exceptional Kronos System!! The signal from the ZYX Univrese was lined up to the step-ups and the phono circuit of the TLA and also the TLA ATHENA preamplifier, a machine that besides the enjoyment of listening to it is the joy to look and visioning, this great machine was admired and photographed since the chassis was open at this meeting..

I want to say many thanks to HXOEKFRASH who has always doors opened for hosting nice meetings with a high level of quality sound machines and events..

Lots of bravos also to Louis Desjardins, who is an excellent engineer, designing and manufacturing a mechanical and sonic diamond, the KRONOS turntable.

And finally lots of bravos to Mr. Velisarios Georgiades Trulife Audio for the great success that his advanced reference phono-stage to be chosed from a world-renowned hi-end manufacturer to partner one of the best turntables in the planet..

the audition system

Speakers: Avant Garde Trio XD & sub
Power Amps: Jadis JA-80 (4x EH KT90 / ch)
Pro: Trulife Audio TLA Athena
Turntable: Kronos Pro System (suspension, base, SCPS power supply, reference phono stage, ZYX Universe)
Cables: Signal Projects


Left, Velissarios Georgiadis, Trulife Audio *|* Right, Louis Dejardins, Kronos Audio



by: Manos_Bits

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