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AnalogPlanet May 2017


2nd Edition

Munich 2017 Show Report
Michael Fremer reports live from Munich, Germany: Supersense, SME, Pro-ject, Kuzma, and more . . .

Harold Bronson's "My British Invasion" Is An Eyewitness to Musical History
Wavy Gravy (A/K/A) Hugh Romney was reputed to have said "If you remember the '60s you weren't there." The same was true really of the first half of the 1970s, which played out as if it was the late '60s. After all, Woodstock was 1969 and one could argue that that was the year that as a cultural phenomenon "the '60s" both began and ended.

Ortofon Announces New Windfeld Ti Cartridge
The mystery surrounding the April 18th visit by Ortofon's Leif Johannsen can now explained. The cartridge Ortofon's R&D Chief brought for me to hear and review is the new Windfeld Ti, which replaces the nearly a decade old Windfeld, which was both a tribute to his predecessor Per Windfeld and Mr. Johannsen/s first design for Ortofon.

"American Epic" Director, Creator, Writer Bernard McMahon Interviewed
AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer spoke by phone with "American Epic" director, creator and writer Bernard MacMahon about the making of what should be an indispensable American musical history movie. Please listen to the conversation. I am 100% certain you will thoroughly enjoy it!

For Lovers of Recorded Music and its History, "American Epic" Is Must See PBS TV
Last year while in Los Angeles I was invited to a cramped Culver City editing studio where I got to see extraordinary footage of a then unfinished sprawling documentary series called "American Epic" subtitled "The First Time America Heard Itself" presented by T Bone Burnett, Robert Redford and Jack White.

Giles Martin's "Sgt. Pepper's...." 50th Anniversary Remix Strategy
As the 50th anniversary approached of the 1967 release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Apple Corps and its president Jeff Jones set about deciding how best to mark the occasion (or not).

Eight Phono Preamplifiers Compared (Though Not Yet For Sound)
Here's a comparison of eight phono preamplifiers (only six are shown in the photo) incorporating a variety of features and ranging in price from $399 to $4500. The adjacent "vote" story includes files made using each of them so this write-up will not contain sonic comparisons.

"Star Trek The Motion Picture" Soundtrack Is Sonic Blockbuster!
Jerry Goldsmith's remarkable 84 minute, 54 second score for Star Trek The Motion Picture here in its entirety on vinyl for the first time is a musical and sonic spectacular that's far more exciting than was the movie itself. This is one film score you can definitely enjoy without having seen the movie.

One of Bill Evans' Final Live Concerts Gets Double 45 ORG Treatment
While a great deal of attention rightly gets paid to Bill Evans' legendary Village Vanguard recordings early in his career, this superb set recorded in Paris, France shortly before his passing is equally worthy both musically and sonically.

The Flying Burrito Bros' "The Gilded Palace of Sin" Finally Reissued Correctly
Characterizing The Gilded Palace of Sin as a "country-rock" album or "the first country-rock album" or as it's incorrectly called by some Sweetheart of The Rodeo Part 2 sells short an album that transcends genre or for that matter "dash-genres".

1st Edition

Giles Martin's "Sgt. Pepper's...." 50th Anniversary Remix Strategy
As the 50th anniversary approached of the 1967 release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Apple Corps and its president Jeff Jones set about deciding how best to mark the occasion (or not).

Some Turntables At AXPONA 2017
In the video below you'll see a new $449 (MSRP) Audio-Technica AT LP5 direct drive turntable with aluminum platter, complete with MM cartridge and built-in switchable MM/MC phono preamp and A/D converter.

Pheenix Alpha Rises From "Death of Vinyl" Ashes
Last October we reported on a Swedish newspaper article covering the return to production of the famed Alpha Toolex record press overseen by Niklas Poblenz, who worked for the original company back in the 1980s and who's father worked there in previous decades.

AnalogPlanet Radio's "John (Cougar) Mellencamp" Radio Show is the Final Radio Show
Today's John (Cougar) Melloncamp WFDU HD2 radio show is the final AnalogPlanet radio show. It's sure been fun but it takes up a great deal of time producing and researching--much of every weekend--and it's time to put it to bed, though it's been a fantastic experience.

Giles Martin Talks About His New 50th Anniversary "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Stereo Remix
Today at The World of McIntosh Townhouse Producer Giles Martin Introduced his new "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band" 50th anniversary stereo mix. Apple Corp and UMe introduce the new 50th anniversary box.

At AXPONA 2017 Two Phono Preamp Designers Show Their Newest Designs
At AXPONA 2017 Channel D's Rob Robinson demoed his brand new Seta L20 phono preamp, a costly "no holds barred" design (upwards of $50,000, price TBD) while Sutherland Audio's Ron Sutherland shows us his new under $1000 KC Vibe as well as his far more costly 4 chassis design.

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