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AnalogPlanet November 2015


2nd Edition

Norman Pickering RIP
I learned of his passing from Fan Tao, R&D Director, D'Addario & Co., Inc. It was Mr. Tao who first contacted me asking if I'd like to interview Mr. Pickering. I'm so glad I took the time to drive to East Hampton, L.I. to meet and talk with Mr. Pickering. What a fascinating and full life he led!

Famous Blue Raincoat Sounding Better Than Ever
"Jenny Sings Lenny", as Mr. Cohen playfully referenced this album in a cartoon included in the original release's liner notes but for some reason omitted here, both technically and musically has never sounded better.

Jack White's Third Man Records To Open Detroit Pressing Plant
Jack White's Third Man Records just announced it will open a Detroit headquarters that will include a record pressing plant. Third Man heard about the record presses in Mexico and tried to buy them but Furnace got there first. Now Third Man is looking to a German company called Newbilt, reports Pitchfork, that manufactures new presses. Third Man hopes to eventually have eight presses up and running.

Meet Lux, Age Nine, "King of the One Dollar Record Bins"
I contacted Lux's dad and asked if I might interview him via FaceTime and both father and son said "yes!". So this morning I spent some FaceTime with Lux that I'm sure you will enjoy watching despite the primitive nature of the video setup and the few audio glitches along the way.

Samantha Crain's Hardscrapple Tales Mesmerize
The golden gatefold cover art of Samantha Crain's Under Branch & Thorn & Tree makes clear that this is not a collection of "good times" tunes, but one is still left unprepared for the relentlessly bleak stories of betrayal, despair and desolation Crain delivers in an often pain-wracked voice that's somehow wrapped in a soothing, mesmerizing balm.

"The Man Who Sold The World" File Identities Revealed!
The bar graph, representing more than two hundred votes, indicates that "File A" was the clear favorite and that enthusiasm for the others waned based upon their positioning in the test, which in and of itself is fascinating. The opinions and perceptions were all over the sonic map, which I think resulted from a combination of listener bias/sonic preferences, and the gear used for listening.

1st Edition

Lenny Kaye Hosts Classic Album Sundays (N.Y.) Patti Smith's "Horses" 40th Anniversary Celebration
This Sunday, November 15th, Patti Smith Group lead guitarist, rock critic and producer Lenny Kaye will host a Classic Album Sundays event celebrating the 40th anniversary of Horses, Smith's incendiary debut album.

Mongolia Gets Its First Specialty Record Store!
Writing in the BBC online Magazine, reporter Liana Aghajanian writes that Mongolian vinyl fans, who once had to travel more than six hundred miles across the Gobi desert to Beijing to get a vinyl fix, can now visit a new store in the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator.

Kate Koeppel Design Introduces "The Record Tote"
Kate Koeppel Design in collaboration with GDS Cloth Goods has just introduced The Record Tote-- an LP bag Taylor Swift and every style conscious vinyl fanatic will want be seen with.

Ringo Starr's No. 0000001 Copy of "The Beatles" On the Auction Block
"Julien's Live" self-billed as "The Auction House To the Stars" recently put up for auction Ringo Starr's personal copy of The Beatles No. 0000001.

Kickstarter Vinyl Project A Bit More Than 25% Funded
"Hearing is Deceiving", the vinyl project designed to find out if we can distinguish between an AAA and an ADA production is now a bit more than 25% funded with seventeen days to go.

"Tour" The Record Parlour and Hear From the Founders How It Become L.A.'s "Best Record Store"
While at the WAX event in Los Angeles a few weeks ago I took a side trip to The Record Parlour, a short walk from both the Capitol Tower venue and Amoeba Records.

A Visit to Encore Records Ann Arbor, Michigan
Yesterday my host Paragon owner Larry Marcus took me on a tour of Ann Arbor record stores. CoolCleveland's Thomas Mulready, who interviewed me at last year's AXPONA show in Chicago, drove up to talk with me about record store buying strategy.

You Tell Me Which "The Man Who Sold The World" You Prefer!
Here are five "fair use" length 96/24 aif files of David Bowie's sublime "The Man Who Sold The World" (the song). The cover art is from the original German issues, that I do not have.

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