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Vienna Acoustics Speakers

Vienna Acoustics

Vienna Acoustics comes back to Greek marketplace

One of the most interesting and famous audio speakers company, Vienna Acoustics from Vienna Austria comes back to Greece marketplace after long time absence.

Vienna Acoustics was founded in 1989 by Peter Gansterer and still designs and manufactures speakers in Vienna. Currently the list of products includes four rows, leading Klimt with three models, the base "The Kiss", the floor "The Music" and dialogues speaker "Poetry", the Imperial with model "Liszt", the basic range "Concert Grand" with eight models, including the new "Beethoven Concert Grand Symphony Edition" (shown in the photograph), and the series "Strauss" comprising at present only one model, Inwaltz, specially designed for in-wall installation.

Vienna Acoustics  1

The company uses in house design units and does not hesitate to apply specific solutions where it deems necessary.
Example for this is the coaxial unit performance midrange and treble flat diaphragm which is designed specifically for top series Klimt and Liszt offers, according to Vienna, very low tones and time alignment, as well as the very characteristic cones of woofers and manufactured by molding the material under pressure and incorporation of aids to specific points.

The transparent construction of more cones (from a mixture of materials which the company calls XPP) and the apparent position of this aid (which is decided by the use of mathematical models) gave the name "spider cone" on the loudspeakers of Vienna and a particularly characteristic appearance in most speakers.
The cabins are particularly reinforced with a thick baffle (arriving in large models and 40 mm) and finish, for those who had the opportunity to see recent models of the company closely, excellent.

Vienna Acoustics  2

The company is represented in the Greek market by Ultra Audio and according to the press release at the moment is available throughout the series Concert Grand Symphony Edition.

On permanent display are models Haydn Grand Symphony Edition and Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition. You listen to your dealer

Info: Ultra Audio

Demo: Audio Soul

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