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AnalogPlanet November 2014


2nd Edition

Bruce Springsteen "The Album Collection Vol. 1 1973-1984"--First Look
Legacy's long awaiting Bruce Springsteen vinyl box set arrived so editor Michael Fremer unboxed it with the camera rolling. Have a look...

Led Zeppelin III Tones Down the "Heavy"
The third Led Zeppelin album has its heavy moments as on the banshee scream opener "Immigrant Song" but most often the pace is faster, the grooves lighter and at times it's downright celebratory.

Science Shows There's Only One Real Way to Listen to Music
Here's a link to a story you probably will enjoy. Note the angry, bitter and occasionally ignorant comments from "those people".

HDtracks Adds Vinyl Store
Jimmy Durante (some younger readers may need to look him up) used to say "Everybody's gotta get into the act!" and when it comes to vinyl, he was correct! It's sold at Whole Foods at Urban Outfitters, Target and other unlikely vinyl venues.

Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers Sweepstakes
Register to win a pair of Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers (MSRP $499.00) we are giving away.

"The Digital Disaster", Music Connection, October Mid 1980's
I wrote this piece in October of 1983 or 4 for the Los Angeles-based music magazine Music Connection. Note the disclaimer at the top. It was controversial! Note also that I named names.

UNI-DIN Versus Löfgren B Just to Clarify
In the Rocky Mountain Wrap Up I wrote about the UNI-DIN curve versus Löfgren but a picture (or a graph in this case prepared by WAM Engineering's Wally Malewicz) is worth a 1000 words.

Greetings From Tuscany
Dear Mr. Fremer: My name is Stefania, I am a girl living in Italy - Tuscany - a very small village you have surely never heard of. I am writing, not hopefully bothering you, as I had the big luck yesterday to meet Nick Coleman (Fantastic person, one of the best encounters ever in my life) on his visit at my workplace - Frantoio Franci, a top extra virgin olive oil producer.

Rocky Mountain Wrap-Up (Added Information 11/7/14)
Though the Rocky Mountain Audio Show happened almost a month ago I'm just getting around to a show wrap up. Between the Australia show, coming back with a nasty head cold, and then getting hit with HP's sudden passing, time flew.

Audio Legend Harry Pearson Passes Away
Forgive me for making this obit a very personal remembrance. I first encountered Mr. Pearson in print when I read my first copy of TAS in the early 1970s at a friend's New York City apartment. At the time I'd lost all interest in audio.

1st Edition

The Gospel According to Bob Dylan Reissued By Light In the Attic Records
Producer Lou Adler, best known by 1969 for co-producing The Monterrey Pop Festival and for producing The Mamas and The Papas on his Dunhill Record label (and that really doesn't begin to cover his comings and goings back then or now) had this idea to re-imagine Bob Dylan's music in a gospel setting.

The Turtles 45rpm Box Set: "Happy Un-Together"?
Either you get The Turtles (originally a dance band called The Crossfires) or you don't. Either you think of them as pop schlockmeisters or you see them as they really were: an adventurous, eclectic and sometimes deep post-Beatles psych/rock band. I'm not here to sell them to you.

Beatles "Red" and "Blue" Album Reissues AAA All the Way!
The two upcoming Beatles compilations, the "Red" (1962-1966) and "Blue" (1967-1970) were cut from the original analog tapes used to produced the original LP sets--with a few exceptions, says Abbey Road mastering engineer Sean Magee.

Ortofon Quintet Black Moving Coil Cartridge: Fast, Clean, Nimble and Detailed
Ortofon's new moderately priced Quintet MC series duplicates the color designations used on the company's highly regarded MM line. That was a smart choice. Analog enthusiasts have an instant tiering picture. The $314 Quintet Red is at the line's bottom, the $999 Quintet Black at the top.

Inexpensive Record Display Wall Unit That Works
The most deluxe record wall display units are probably those from Art Vinyl. The hinged plexiglass fronted frames hang on the wall and are easily opened so you can change the displayed album in a few seconds. Unfortunately they are expensive at around $50.00 each or 3 for $140 (on

IMPEX Reissues Miles Davis' E.S.P. AAA on 180g
Though the first studio effort by Miles Davis’ “second great quintet” may not be the group’s finest, it is nonetheless a groundbreaking and very satisfying record, especially considering the backdrop.

An Interview With Krix Loudspeakers' Donald MacKenzie
Krix Loudspeakers set up shop two doors down from my hotel room. The name sounding interesting so I popped in. I met the company's National Consumer Products Manager Donald MacKenzie and decided to share with you the Krix Loudspeaker story.

It's Store! It's a Home! It's a Home and a Store!
Audio/video dealer Jeff Knox has set up shop in his home and his wife Cherie is okay with it. He is one lucky fellow.

Rhino Announces Full Slate of RSD "Black Friday" Releases
Rhino announced on October 24th an impressive lineup of RSD "Black Friday" 2014 vinyl releases including the MONO version of Iron Butterfly's classic Heavy album cut from analog tape on "heavy" 180g vinyl for $24.98.

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