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Athens HiEnd Show 2013

Athens High end show 2013

The Athens HiEnd Audio Video Show was organized for the first time by Vision Press during November 2007. Since then, our main goal each year was not only to stage just a product exhibition but to shape the show as a cultural event, an opportunity for the audio enthusiast to meet technology and music at the same place. We have chosen the place of the exhibition very carefully in order to be easily accessible (through the Athens public transportation system) and for decent room acoustics appropriate for high quality systems.

The acceptance of the Athens HiEnd Audio Video Show was impressive both from the audiophiles and the market. Exhibitor participation grew every year since 2007 as was the number of people visiting the show, while the number of international company executives and designers that supported their products got also higher, especially during the last 3 years.

Today, the Athens HiEnd Audio Video Show is recognized as the major exhibition event in the audio market sector in Greece and Cyprus and it is a well known event in Europe and worldwide.

This year, the Athens HiEnd Audio Video Show will be held on 11-12-13th of October at the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel.

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