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New York Audio Video Show


Scott M. Rifkin reporting from The NY Audio Video Show

The Chester Group let out all the stops in it's-THE SHOW-at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel here in NYC on April 14th and 15th. Many of the more interesting high end companies were present for this event.

Walking through the halls of the Waldorf was like walking though the streets of my upper east side neighborhood; with many a friend to bump into and share a coffee: " Hi Miles, Hi Jeremy. Talk about a huge system, Goggle or Facebook Jeremy Kipnis as see the photos that come up- WOW!

I was totally impressed with the Cessaro line of speakers. They were so smooth on both digital and analogue sources.


The listening salons at the Waldorf were very conducive to great sound as many of the rooms were designed around the Palace at Versailles. High ceilings and plush rugs abounded with limited European style furnishings.

I funny moment happened when I walked into one salon and the owner/sales representative was talking to an audiophile-potential customer. His comment was " this is the middle of the line turntable at $55,000 USD. The tone arm will run you another $17,000 USD and the Cartridge another $9,000 USD."
I thought to myself as to how much their top of the line must sell for.

If you really want a great test record/cd/download to take with you at one of these shows, try Emerson, Lake and Palmer's first one; the one with the white bird on the cover. Ask the audio representative to play tracks 5- Tank and track 6- Lucky Man.

This is exactly what I did when I went continually back to the United Home Audio MBL room. There the new MBL 101 E MK 2s were being demonstrated. Almost from the start, everyone in the room was positively stricken with goose bumps and chills as ELP did their thing. The sonic's were all over the place and many people were smiling and asked for a replay.


I should also say that I had a wonderful time in China and will be reporting on The Capital Audiofest from Rockville, Maryland in July.

By Scott M. Rifkin

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