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Athens Hi end show 2008

Athens Hi end show 2008

Second and .... even better!

When a major event such as an exhibition passes in history leaving once again a great wake, then nothing can be considered more symptomatic. The High Fidelity lives and reigns, and impressively demonstrated the unforgettable weekend between 7 and 9 November in the magnificent exhibition Audio Video Show 2008, which was attended by the 56 exhibitors and over 5,500 visitors!

What does the proper organization of a Report and reflects what the effect of this on the area it represents, pretty much everyone knows. A report like Audio Video Show 2008 is a much more complicated and delicate as it is an outside picture of an area which represents the ultimate arts, which of course is none other than the music. The High Fidelity anyway is not in itself an easy task. It is not just the demonstration of some exercises technocratic showmanship. Not only is "technology for technology." Most, if not all devices are targeted at potential music fans are "balances soul." They are the same persons designers creators. It is their vision. This is a fact that one can immediately understand, if given the opportunity to come in contact with representatives of the manufacturers or the manufacturers themselves. If you listen with what fervor these people describe the "vision", if they understand what passion recreate and defend, then understand that a report will present a full and complete this vision as a whole, is a matter entirely responsible.
So for the second year in High Fidelity, the only time this form in Greece which exclusively deals with high fidelity, took responsibility for this event. If our efforts finally estefthi successfully is something from the result has already been decided, with the greater part of the agents participating ever made, but also an impressive number of visitors. Furthermore, eleven classrooms and eighty rooms is not a simple task. It was a striking fact, which spread covering four floors of a grand hotel and is one which, if anything, shows the dynamics of a space. But it is not only the issue there. The essence lies in what I mentioned before. At Vision. This aura also received all who have made us the company of this wonderful weekend.
Of course, the organization of an exhibition of this scale and level is not an easy task as there are many parameters which are required to meet with the greatest possible care. The No 1 goal for us was to get the possibly larger number of participants, so that visitors can come into contact with the whole and not just one of their dealers. Also, easy access to media that could serve the visitors was one of our plans, as well as the existence of some quiet space but within the hotel area, where one could rest and relax while sipping a coffee.

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