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Stereophile Mar 2012

Srereophile March 2012

AXPONA Show Report
Jason Victor Serinus provides complete and witty coverage from the AXPONA audio show in Jacksonville Florida. As one reader writes "I was at the show, and I believe I know more about it from reading your entries than by being there in person!"

Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet at the Village Vanguard
From February 28 until March 04, 2012, the Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet got cozy in the dark and welcoming Village Vanguard for six evenings and 12 evocative sets of guitar-work and authoritative musicianship. Rosenwinkel partnered with friends Eric Revis (bass), Aaron Parks (piano), and the band young’n Justin Faulkner (drums).

Aerial Acoustics Model 7T loudspeaker
It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since Michael Kelly formed Aerial Acoustics, introduced the Model 10T loudspeaker, and I wandered into his demo room at a New York audio show and was smitten. That speaker did everything right and seemed to do nothing wrong. Disc after disc was played as I imposed my impression on the listening chair (I recall there being only one). At the time, the 10T was only a bit out of my price range, so for many years it was what I aspired to have.

Sonus Faber Amati Futura loudspeaker
The Amati Futura is the third Sonus Faber loudspeaker to be called an Amati. The first, named simply the Amati and priced at $20,000/pair, was reviewed for Stereophile by Michael Fremer in June 1999. I reviewed the second, the Amati Homage Anniversario ($27,500/pair), in May 2006.

Musical Fidelity M1 CLiC universal music controller
The taxonomy of audio products used to be easy. An amp, a preamp, speakers, a disc player or two—done. Now that hard drives, streaming clouds, and computers have entered the scene, unless your world revolves around only an iPod or a disc player, you have choices—lots of choices.

Listening #111
Years ago, while editing Listener Magazine, I received a call from a record-company publicist with whom I was friendly: The drummer Ginger Baker, whose work I admire, was promoting a new release, and we were offered a 30-minute telephone interview with the artist. I jumped at the chance, but wound up leaving the article in the can—partly because it was so short, partly because its subject was so cranky. As with vacation trips to certain locales, second prize would likely have been 60 minutes with Ginger Baker.

Music Matters: A Better Way
Back in January, after having spent a few days in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, I felt as though I had been robbed. Not only had I lost sleep, I had lost my patience, lost my way, perhaps even lost a bit of my soul. I’m exaggerating. My soul is intact, but the maddening experience of the 2012 CES was enough to make me wonder why we go through with it every year. Why CES? Why Las Vegas?

Boston Acoustics A 25 loudspeaker
While listening to Boston Acoustics' A 25 loudspeaker ($299.98/pair), I kept thinking about magic. Paul Messenger introduced Boston Acoustics' A Series in the April 2011 "Industry Update." With the creation of the A Series, Paul reported, BA wanted to create a "global loudspeaker," one that would be appreciated by music lovers worldwide.

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