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The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

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Scott M. Rifkin reporting from the Rocky Mountain Audiofest

What can I say about The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest that isn't just amazingly terrific. I had wanted to go to this event for the longest time; but always had something in the way of my attending. So finally, last Oct I booked my trip on
The Rocky Mountain Audiofest or RMAF was held last October 14th to the 16th of 2011..

In all my years of chasing audio, I have never experienced an event so well organized as this one.

To start off with, the Marriott Denver Tech Center Hotel was without a doubt a hotel with the greatest customer service I have every experienced ( Let me say that when I travel, I always stay at four and five star hotels).
The Marriott MTC had a free shuttle bus/car service anywhere with a 5 mile radius.
The event organizer, Al Stiefel passed away a couple of years ago and his wife, Marjorie Stiefel along with the Colorado Audio Society and others put on a great three day show. What is even more fantastic is that an audiophile traveler can plan a diverse vacation around the RMAF as I did; to some extent.
Joining me again for the fun my was friend Julie, a newbie to audio; but learning quickly. We split the day up as we did for CAS; half at the show the other half in downtown Denver and then to top the day off, two nights of reservations at the most far out Steak House I have ever seen in my entire life.

Everyone craves a NY Steak; how wrong can they be. Try THE BUCKHORN EXCHANGE on Osage St in Denver for the best of all things wild and normal. Can anyone say Rocky Mountain Oysters???

The RMAF had close to 150 salon rooms of audio to get into over the three days of the event. I think it is the biggest pure audio show in the world as CES in Las Vegas has video etc. Again, the bigger companies had the bigger rooms. What was really nice was that there was a really big audiophile guidebook printed up and also that I bought at least 12 RMAF shirts to wear during the show and when I got back to NYC.
Some of the rooms that really impressed me were Salk Audio Speakers, my friends and neighbor at RMAF at Amarra Sonic Studio, Vandersteen Audio Inc and Wilson Audio of nearby Utah.
There is a lot more I can say about the RMAF, but with a space limitation, I will stop here and say to all my friends in the Audiophile Club of Athens ACA- it is worth the trip and even if you are bored, you could get away to Denver, Boulder or The Rocky Mountains for some recreational fun.

Colorado is a recreational playground.

By Scott M. Rifkin

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