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California Audio Show (CAS)


Scott M. Rifkin reporting from the CAS

The California Audio Show (CAS) was held at The Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport Hotel from July 15th to July 17 of this year-2011. I always like going out to California as it seems that the people there are always smiling and friendly and this event was no different. I also had other motives for going out to SF as I wanted to meet up with some friends; so during the three days of CAS, I spent half the day listening in the audio salon rooms and the other half with Julie in the city of SF touring around.

This would be my fifth trip out to northern California and I do like flying Jet Blue Airlines into San Jose/Silicon Valley. No checked luggage, so I headed directly to my private car to the Crown Plaza Airport Hotel.

I arrived late at around midnight to find a lot of audiophiles in the bar socializing and discussing all things audio.

To my surprise, as a result of the Facebook page designated for CAS, people already knew who I was and were calling my name. " Hey Scott, you came all the way from NYC. You must be a serious audiophile." After about an hour in the bar- I am not much of a drinker- I headed to my room for a good night sleep.

Day one of the event was very exciting to me as there were approximately fifty rooms set up from various manufacturers.

The more established audio companies had huge salon rooms on the first floor of the hotel. These companies included MBL, Wilson Audio, Spectral, Magico as well as a recording studio for demonstration purposes.

Shall I say that the lesser companies or upstarts; I hate using that word, were located on the various high floors. Some of the major companies I was expecting to be there were not present at all; and were not present at the three audio shows I attended during the Summer of 2011.

I was truly disappointed that McIntosh was not present or was weakly present at the Axpona NYC 2011, The California Audio Show and The Rocky Mountain Audio Show. I am obviously a big McIntosh fan and owner and I felt disappointed about this. This is as critical as I generally get; but this is worth mentioning.

Obviously as far as the CAS was concerned, there were many great rooms and many great manufacturers. I cannot mention all the ones that I was impressed with; but I can mention the ones that I liked and or remember seeing. At the CAS, the MBL salon room was just the best. If I didn't already own McIntosh, I might have been an MBL owner.

I have included a photo of the MBL room for you view.

Also they had a Clear Audio Turntable which was just amazing-photo also included.

In the Recording Studio Salon, They demonstrated a recording session with a female singer and a male guitarist. It was just perfect for everyone to see how music is transferred to the public.

I would like to say thank you to Constantine Soo and all the great people who organized the CAS. You did an incredible job in every way.

I am going to continue this report for the ACA Website next month with more information and photos.

There will be a part two about CAS soon.

The End of Part 1

By Scott M. Rifkin

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