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Dereneville Modulaire MKII Turntable

Dereneville Modulaire MKII

a Heavy player for a heaven sound

The Dereneville MKII is designed to reach the technical limits in order to present your record in its purest, which you can feel at every single moment your are playing your records. Of course the turntable of the MKII is “flying” on our noiseless magnetic bearing. A combination of different materials assembled to a sandwich layer structure is avoiding resonances and gives a weight of 25kg / 55lbs for puls conservation to support the speed constance.



The body (30kg / 66lbs) is made from a high-tech material which perfectly fulfills our requirements to avoid self-resonance and present a precious, resistant surface in a hughe variaty of colors and structures to create an idividual design according your wishes. All of this is based on four of our special designed balancing and shock absorbing stands. This combination of the technology and the carefully seletced materials are giving the MKII the ability to resist against disturbances comming from dynamical massive low- and high frequencies as well as physical shocks.



Technical - Dereneville Modulaire MKII

  • 25 kg sandwich turntable bronze / aluminum / Corian
  • Perfect special magnetic bearing - absolutely noiseless
  • Homogeneous and safe shielding of the magnetic field
  • Solid, resonance-free chassis 28 kg - made of Corian
  • Highly efficient, adjustable vibration isolation feet
  • Upgradeable for up to four tone arm bases, from 7 to 14 inches
  • Version MKII with freestanding drive motor DAE-01 SP
  • Individual production for individual color design
  • On request with personal initials


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