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Technics New Reference Class Turntables

Technics sp-10r_01

New Reference Class Turntables

  • Direct Drive Turntable System SL-1000R
  • Direct Drive Turntable SP-10R

While the SL-1200 remains the bestselling Technics model ever, our original direct drive turntables, the SP-10 Series, still enjoys an almost cult-like status among fans of Technics audio components. Our work over the past two years on the revival of the SL-1200 Series are bearing fruit in many ways—among them the upcoming Technics SP-10R and Technics SL-1000R.

The world’s first direct drive turntable, the SP-10 was launched in 1970, astonishing consumers
and professionals alike with a level of rotational precision and reliability that belt drives and idler
drives simply couldn’t match. The SP-10MK2 pushed rotational precision even further with its
Quartz-Phase-Locked Control. Superb performance and reliability quickly made the SP-10MK2
the go-to turntable for broadcast stations and the holy grail of audiophiles worldwide.

The great appeal of direct drive technology is its ability to eliminate degradation in sound quality
caused by rotation fluctuation and minute vibrations between the motor and transmission mechanism
inherent in other types of systems. Many manufacturers embraced the technology and soon the
direct drive turntable became the industry standard. And it all began with the SP-10. Over the
intervening years, the SP-10 Direct Drive Turntable—together with the SL-1000 Direct Drive
Turntable System with tonearm and cabinet based on the SP-10—have become synonymous with
direct drive technology and been hailed as legends in their own time, fitting symbols of the
Technics brand name that still inspires the admiration and loyalty of audiophiles worldwide.



For some time now, analogue turntables have been experiencing a resurgence after being
sidelined for many years by the compact disc player. Once again belt drive turntables have
become the industry standard, despite their inferior sound quality, simply because they’re easier
to design and manufacture. The formerly dominant direct drive turntable now finds itself
marginalized due to the high technical threshold it demands.

The result is that the market for high-fidelity turntables is dominated by a material-intensive
approach that relies on sheer mass
to achieve rotation stability. However, direct drive technology is not only inherently superior in its
level of rotational precision, but the new SL-1200 Series’ newly-developed coreless direct drive
motor achieves unprecedented high-fidelity by eliminating cogging.



Given the current state of the high-fidelity turntable market today, we considered it our mission
to leverage the technological expertise we’ve developed to build the next generation of direct
drive turntables: with their refined architecture, these new-concept products will offer
consumers a truly superior alternative to the mass-intensive turntables currently available in the
high-end market. These will be worthy namesakes of the history-making SP-10.

The revival of the SP-10 Series establishes a new reference point for the modern high-fidelity
turntable, redefining it for a new age. That’s why, as the newest additions to Technics’ signature
Reference Class lineup of audio components, we have dubbed our newest direct drive turntable
and turntable system, designed and engineered to optimize its outstanding performance, the
Technics SP-10R and Technics SL-1000R.

Available on Market : Summer 2018
Price : SL-1000R - 10.000 / Technics SP-10R - 20.000



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