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AUDIO-GD 'R2R-7' Balanced FPGA DAC

AUDIO-GD R2R 7 Balanced DAC_01

Audio GD R2R 7 Fully Discrete Real Balanced R-2R FPGA DAC

  • Supports PCM / DXD / DSD Native
  • Includes USB / RJ45 / HDMI inputs
  • Built in 4 groups DA-7 R-2R modules
  • Built in FPGA processor, rejecting jitter to lowest limits
  • DSD, DXD support from USB / RJ45 / HDMI
  • 32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer
  • Custom made USB card Amanero Combo 384 with USB isolator and local power supply
  • Built in OCC, TCXOs and Hi-End parts
  • Gapless selection of all inputs



  • A far better design with switching resistors in parallel mode.
  • An ultra-fast FPGA controls and corrects the R2R ladder.
  • The parallel design mode controls every bit respectively and therefore achieve unprecedented performance.
  • Only 1 clock cycle is needed to output all data while serial design needs at minimum 8 up to 24 clock cycles.
  • Designed properly to correct every bit of the ladder and the unavoidable imperfections of the R2R ladder caused by tolerance of resistors and glitches to achieve best performance.



  • High performance SPDIF interface, replacing traditional less good performing SPDIF interface chips like DIR9001, WM8805 or AK411X,etc.
  • Full re-clocking process with FIFO design applicable on all inputs. This way the output data keeps fully synchronized with the clock signal to reject any jitter.
  • Built in 2X, 4X and 8X oversampling and digital filters and on top of this 4 different true NOS (only analog 6dB filtering) modes. To completely configure it to your liking!


Fully discrete output stages

  • The signal last stage is the analog output stages, they can much effect the whole DAC sound quality.
  • After d/a conversion by the R2R D/A modules the analogue signal is transported by fully discrete matched-transistor output stages.
  • DC-coupled design with first class through-hole components. No SMD components are applied. The high speed special ACSS output stages are non-feedback and current driven design.
  • Special because almost all other designs need to convert the signal multiple times from and to current or voltage, resulting in less detail and less good staging.
  • The output buffers are single ended FET. Two stages in parallel to reach very low output impedance. All output stages are in pure class A design without any (negative) feedback to achieve purest and a real live sound reproduction.
  • The 4 OPA opamp’s are functioning as DC servo, this way no coupling-capacitors are needed and DC output is automatically biased! Resulting in a perfectly neutral sound.
  • There are no relays or other switches in the signal path after DA modules to perform the best and purest sound quality.


Heavy power supplies design:

  • The DAC has 3 high quality low noise, low flux leakage, R-cores transformers.
  • In total 130W power to supply all digital parts and the left and right analog boards. The DC power is distributed over 19 separate power rails. All are pure class A low noise regulated power; fed by 3 groups linear power supplies.
  • This results in ultra-high speed and ultra-low noise performance. Clean and independent power for all different parts to achieve highest quality.

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