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Burwell & Sons Mother of Burl loudspeaker

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The future in sound has been here the whole time

Conceived from the vision of taking the best vintage speaker components ever built, and combining them into the most sophisticated and beautifully crafted cabinets imaginable.. With our stunning, hand sculpted, exotic hard wood horns, we have achieved a level of artistry and timeless beauty that is unparalleled.. Coupled with an unsurpassed clarity and level of sound, these loudspeakers are an instant collectors item..


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The build of these cabinets was pretty far along when we found this particular batch of veneer. We knew we’d found something special, and we knew we had just the set of horns to go with it. People had been making assumptions about our exclusive use of Altec parts, so we used this special set to introduce an all JBL set up. We’d also gotten our hands on a set of JBL tweeters so we decided to change things up and go with a 3 way set up..


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As it turned out, we didn’t have the time to tune the cabinet to the JBL driver, so we ended up with an Altec driver we had. Also we’re not convinced it will stay a 3 way. At some point, we’ll take the time and test how the LE 85 sounds without the tweeter. Our ears tell us the tweeter doesn’t make a significant difference, but we could be wrong..


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