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Testing 6H30 / 6N30 tubes on Hickok Tester


This is a technical article about how to test the 6H30/6N30 tubes on Hickok 752A, 539, TV7 and other classical tube testers...

The useful article about how to recognize 6H30 / 6N30 tubes has become standard and its been referenced in many forums.. (link, link, link, link)

But apart from recognizing a way should be found to be able to test them using classical tube testers since none of them has settings for the relatively new and no ordinary Russian tube, the 6H30 / 6N30..

There is no source on the web giving us precise information about it, the only way is to buy one of the new modern tube testers like maximatcher or amplitrex that cost a lot of money ..

After much research and studying of this tube and it's 'relatives' and very carefully (as wrong settings can burn our precious tube tester) finally has been found by the author of this article, how to test and measure fully the 6H30 / 6N30 with classical tube testers like Hickok, B&K, TV7, etc..

6H30 / 6N30 is a nine-pin double-triode tube sitting on a 9AJ base so the connections settings on tube tester should be those of 6DJ8 (6922, ECC88)..

But the electrical settings must be different in terms of BIAS and the choice of multiplier to get accurate measurement gm and also not to burn our valuable tester..

So, here are the settings for Hickok 752A tester for 6H30 / 6N30 tube which can be adapted by relative tube testers..

  • Connectivity settings: like the 6DJ8 that is 4572-6183
  • Fillaments: 6,3 volts
  • Bias: 28
  • Shunt: 0 (not important to measure gm)
  • Multiplier: x 20
  • Minimum gm: 475 *
  • New tube gm: 700 - 800 **

* This is minimum gm for 5687
** 4 new tubes were tested, 2 NOS & 2 SOVTEK new production, that means 8 x triodes, and gave from 725 to 800

Nowdays, three(3) types of 6H30 tube does exist on the market, the new production (New Sensor) 1. ‘Sovtek’ 6H30 pi EB 2.‘Electro Harmonix’ 6H30 pi EH ‘goldpin’ and 3. the famous NOS 6H30Π ΔΡ the Russian military version (read here).. All these versions can be tested using the above settings.. the photos below showing the settings for Hickok 752A testing a new 6H30 tube.. of course, after the gm test we can test and all other tube parameters (gas test, leakage, tube life)..


base connections settings like 6DJ8



4572-6183, FILL 6.3, BIAS 28, MULTIPLIER X20, SHUNT 0 (no matter)



S5 for triode #1 (here give us gm=750)



S8 & S5 triode #2 (here give us also gm=750 absolute match)



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