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Qualia Indigo line & Powerr mono Amps


QUALIA INDIGO LINE Amplifier, INDIGO Mono Block POWER Amplifier

Award winning high end audio brand "INDIGO" from QUALIA & COMPANY of America.. All Products made in japan.

The QUALIA INDIGO preamplifier received CES 2013 Innovation Award for 2 years in a row from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) in the High Performance Home Audio category as one of the most ground-breaking new home appliance industry products.




The primary mission of a line amplifier is to send audio signals collected from any sound source to the power amplifier without fault. Though it is thought to be a simple task, line amplifier development is the most important because the devices have a huge impact on sound quality. Phono amplifier development was carried out around the same period. Although a phono amplifier is capable of amplifying minute signals further than a line amplifier, its shares the same basic circuit structure. The reason is because this circuit structure is required for maintaining a high level of sound quality.
Regarding our electrical circuits, we worked on enhancing analog calculation accuracy with the aim of creating circuits that open-and-shut for audio signals. Basic circuits use current mode amplification circuitry to enhance both speed and frequency. As a result, we were able to develop circuits offering excellent linearity, which allows them to not be greatly impacted by capacitance created from semi-conductors or circuit foundations. The analog electrical circuits found in both preamplifiers and phono amplifiers are affected by many internal and external factors other than audio signals. This generates a large amount of distortion which has a negative impact on audio signals (i.e. higher harmonic wave distortion, intermodulation distortion, and transient distortion).

Although there are many ways to solve such technical problems, we use simple, orthodox methods in order to obtain optimum results.

1.Regarding various distortion problems, including mechanical resonance and external noise which are treated as the most critical, the amplifier case is machined from aluminum block which provides extreme stability/grounding. This is effective for both electrical and mechanical reasons. Our Phono Amplifier has a separate box for each channel (left and right). By separating these two audio channels, complete monaural sound reproduction is born, allowing you to enjoy an overwhelming level of energy and unbelievable sound quality.

2.Our products feature high-quality electrical parts for use in audio signal routing lines. This does not mean that the parts are limited to those used exclusively in hi-end audio products.

Parts are selected for their low distortion capabilities and by looking at their broadband characteristics. It goes without saying that we have conducted many user tests to find out which types of part configurations offered the best sound quality. For example, film-type condensers were used for almost all of the condensers. In addition, we used custom metal foil resistors ( “nude type”) to ensure the best level of resistance.

3.To provide more ideal, stable grounding, we completely adhere to a one-point grounding design in order to avoid interference with electrical source grounding, signal grounding, and various kinds of standard grounding. One-point grounding means that parts are grounded to one location of the amplifier case.

4.To minimize the influence of intermoduration by common mode impedance created by electrical source lines and regulator lines, the main circuit is divided into small blocks. Each block should be operated by only constant current or constant voltage. Therefore, an exclusive regulator is provided for each block. To correspond immediately to a constantly changing input signal, we aimed at providing minimal-length electrical resource, and employed a stack structured foundation base for the main circuit foundation base and regulator circuit foundation base.

5.Circuits with high-voltage AC power sources have the worst impact on amplification circuits. In order to cut out the high and low frequency wave noise generated from radio waves and vibration, we provided a completely separate power supply unit.

6.Experience has taught us to implement our Hi-balance Cut Core Power Transformer, which creates less distortion than other power transformers yet provides the system with a high amount of current. We employed a high-voltage proof schottky diode to serve as the rectifier since this type of diode does not have a recovery time as there is nothing to recover from. We provide one diode bridge for each positive and negative electrical source to make one-point grounding possible even for electrical source parts.




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